9.05 Downtime & Release Notes

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The following Changes & Fixes are being applied in the Thursday, January 31st update.

[Shadow Ops: Blinding Light] Push back the Red Lokust threat and earn parts for the brand new Sentinel’s Unique Unit, the Shepherd. Wielding specialized bombs, the Shepherd can turn enemies against each other

[Warpath: Ultra] Double the attacks, double the fun! Fight for your spot on the Leaderboard and take advantage of double Blood Thorium and Medal payouts! The Blood Market has also been updated with the following Heroes and their Tokens:

  • Kyle

  • Neil

  • Martin

[Resource & Thorium Base Update] Increased payouts, new layouts, and Blitzing await in our new Metal & Oil and Thorium Bases

[Raid Update] The following Diamond Tech has been added to Raids:

  • Technical Diamond Tech

  • Sphinx Diamond Tech

  • Seeker Diamond Tech

The following Diamond Tech has been removed from Raids:

  • Hammer Diamond Tech

  • Caretaker Diamond Tech

  • Hades Diamond Tech

All available Diamond Tech can be found below:

  • Technical Diamond Tech

  • Sphinx Diamond Tech

  • Seeker Diamond Tech

  • Apollo Diamond Tech

  • Vindicator Diamond Tech

  • Liberator Diamond Tech

[War Production] Due to player feedback, War Production has been changed so that it won’t stop when an enemy attacker retreats their units

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