PLEASE update Expeditions, Resource Payouts for TODAYS Game

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I sent a fleet off to do an Expedition - it was gone for over 1 day yet ONLY returned 9152 Titanium. Seriously ???????????

I am in need of 425,000 Titanium to upgrade each of my Portals. At the collection rate above it would take me over 6 months to collect the resources required with the Expedition.

I am now at level 109 - With the OBSCENE amount of resources now required to upgrade or build anything, can you please look at increasing your resource payouts accordingly ? This needs to be done for ALL resource including Uranium, Titanium and Base parts.

If the Expedition payouts were at minimum 100-150k, they would at least be considered worthy of doing, but 9k is ridiculous.

Could you please adjust ALL resource payouts to accommodate the requirements for todays game.?

Example with titanium - 25k maximum payout requires 17 x level 85 targets to be hit - my fleet can possibly do 6-8? before a full repair is required @ 20 hours of repairs required.   With Instant Repair - hitting level 52 targets would require about 85 ? targets to be hit.

Minimum payouts of 10k should be across all targets and maximums of at least 100k would be appreciated for Uranium, Titanium and Base Parts.

Hull capacities should be increased to 500% for all hulls and targets and Resource payouts should also be increased accordingly.
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