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Minor Nuisance
Joined Feb 2013 Posts: 120
Can we please have the ability to commence base repairs added to this app?

Not everyone has the ability to login to their computer several times a day to check on whether their base needs to be repaired.   Now that the Puffin browser does not load the game on an i-Phone we can't check using this method either.

The ability to commence a base repair in the BP App would be a very welcome feature.
  • Lars Owens
    Lars Owens
    Joined Sep 2015 Posts: 2
    I concur, we need the ability to start base repair from the AP. Additionally, not all targets are on the AP for resources, i.e. L68 base parts Blitz is not on AP. Also, these recent 'Mini' events you have ran were not accessible from the AP. Those of us that use this when we can't be on the computer already assume damage from Auto, but some points is better than none.
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