sos problems

Mike Woods32
Mike Woods32
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Didn't know if you were aware of all the issues with the docks sos after you get hit and they stop working so i figured buy coins do it the easy way guess what it still sos on me every time not only did i loose out on over 20 coins i bought but you guys destroyed the game all together - when someone can enter your base and drive through with 1 ship is ridiculous and keep doing it 8 times with no bubble - so no repair time can get done you just destroyed the game and not sure if i want to keep playing. Over 100 hours in ship repairs thanks alot.
  • xXMorphineXx
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    I'm sure they are, but who really knows, been a complete mess since the event with everything..many ppl lost a lot of stuff recently due to Kix's neglect on the game condition. It's Sad.
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