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OK Kix, it's time you reinvested some of that coin back into the game, to get rid of that constant lag we experience during events/raids.  I'm pretty much giving up on the bounty event because my ships keep doing the cha cha cha.  Yes, it's ok when I refresh but only for about 1 battle...  Very frustrating/time consuming/destracting.  I've even tried rebooting my whole system but to no avail.  I've got a top notch PC/video card, the newest flash player, etc.   Everyone is experiencing it so it's not the players lack of system requirements, it's the actual game.
  • Anthony Prewecki
    Anthony Prewecki
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    yes been saying this for years to no avail things wont change as they make more money with lag as fleets take more damage so more repairs no matter how much we complain its wont help the lag and glitching will continue and if u send in a ticket u get the same old reply clear flashplayer and cache or its ur computer even when every player has same problems they will never admit its them doing it to get more money out of players 

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