A new way to drop build times

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I think  Kixeye should drop build tokens and lower the build times. 1 day 10 hour to put 1 armor on a fleet is to long it should be 10 hours game would pickup a lot and may bring players back to game. Players are more likely to coin there hulls if they was not 20 days long, The game has got out of hand with all these event each week Bounty 17 is coming out i don't think i will do it last bounty sucked because i could not secure my points which was BS i don't have the time to sit on my **** all day and play this game 
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    COOT is recruiting; please PM Scorpious_DOW for details
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    Lowering build times of armor or even hulls & components for that matter wont drive players back into the game.  There is fundamental design decisions over the past 18 months that has been driving players to other forms of entertainment in huge masses.  Until "player's first" becomes Kixeye's true focus instead of a hollow promise, that will not change.
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