caedes shards

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Can we get a campaign for caedes shards ???
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    why give us that now long time ago kixeye gave us 16 shards for ceades two years later i have 20 and as many of the 85 Glowing Nav-Relay i have done i should have a lot more kixeye needs to put the shard back in cargo like the blue print used to be game was so much funner back then we had to work for blue prints by opening cargo now what ever we do it cost us money. What makes me mad is the room i have in my shipyard to hold my hulls 130 is not enough to hold all the hulls I've scrap so many hulls to make room for the new ones and now i'm scraping them. build times are way to long same as repairs. I think kixeye should drop build time a do away with tokens and come up with some other ways to do stuff in game
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