Lowered Cannon Mount II - Anybody planning to USE?

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    what about seige targeting? if we put on this new canon special we can not put on seige targeting ... i thought the big tip from kix said we need most building damage possible ... can we afford not having seige targeting ? same build with seige targeting is more damage for less evade and defense ... which is better ?
    ST 4 was the hot tip BEFORE lowered cannon mount came out... more refits.....
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    The Qing said:

    @Capt. Phantom said:
    Hey Everybody! Hydra's just got buffed up to a whole new level, good thing! Here's the updated build, hope it helps!

    That's not a good build. LCM2 does not suit hydras at all because it slows it down drastically. You want the combat speed.

    I understand if you want to keep the limited charged armor on for Legion Colony targets, but for max efficiency do all C1-CR.

    Siege Capacitor is not the capacitor to use. Aegis is the way to go. Less flechette damage increases the amount of shockwaves you can get off a single turret, which will help damage anything around it more efficiently. It also beefs up resistance more than anything else, without compromising speed. You don't need to outrange throwers if you can outrun the shots.

    I tested the damage from a single launcher to see if the flechette did building damage .put it on an erad without any rad specials. Guess what. NO damage at all to any turret in vxp targets. This means they have rad deflection on turrets higher then flechete raw damage.This means you need the shockwaves to do good damage fast. Since rad specials to boost damage do not enhance shockwave damage you would want reload and shockwave specials over pure flechet damage. Although rad damage specials most likely bring it over deflection value.By how much needs more testing .
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