Caedes shards increase.

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I keep my titanium reserves full from hitting 85s, and I figured I would one day amass enough of these Caedes shards to build ship, but I can see that I've only collected 8 shards over the last few months of hitting 85s, and during that same time I'm sure that I've reaped a couple million in titanium.  This is ridiculous, at this rate it will take 10 years to get enough shards to build 1 ship.  Can someone at Kix plz do something sensible here?  Either 86 those shards, or the ship, or maybe dare I say it, increase the payout of those darn shards.  Why be so stingy?
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    Buy the shards from the raid........... I doubt that you will collect enough shards from 85's, they are not in the new assault targets so when 85's go so will the chance to get shards. even now it is probably to late to start buying the shards form raids as it will still take you 10 months to collect 250 @ 25 per month and cadeas will probably be passed it "use by date" by then
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    You missed the window for the caedes. Its value has dropped significantly.
    You will only receive my scorn from this point forward
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    I made it to 151. Don't know when I started. 99 short. :( 
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    Before you all go hunting for these shards, plz check the build times for just the hull, i think its over 20days. thereafter do look into the repair times, i believe its more than a day, so this hull is way past its use by date. 

    do correct me if i got this wrong.
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    Closing necro thread, thanks for the information. 
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