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FOB9 killed the war zone battles!!

Cold Void
Cold Void
Joined Jun 2018 Posts: 3

Well since it’s introduction, every time you start a war somewhere, there will be a CC11 jumps in and deploys L9 fobs and literally kills/shifts everyone (+20 levels below). So literally you don’t see many wars going on in war zone now a days thanks to the issue I’ve just explained. So find a way to bring back the fun on the war zone please. Probably put a distraction on CC11 to be unable to attack much lower levels/CCs at least when capturing a CP or identify Aliences as CC-wise meaning, an alliance could mark itself as a CC8-9 and only have players of this range of CC and it can only get into wars with aliences of its own range, same thing for top aliences which will be CC11 for sure so a CC11 won’t just jumps in a battle and kills all lower levels, or some other way that you could come up with. I just pointed out the issue and provided a solution for it as well. I hope the game devs could take this issue under consideration, because It’s a war game and if people can’t fight their own level than what’s the point of sticking around and spending money when you can’t have fun at all !!! Thanks!

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