"Seraph's Retribution" Pre-Battle Rights

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Squad Composition-
4x Sentry (perhaps 5, if the squad leader is present).
8x Chaplain
6x Valiant

all chaplains are knelt side by side, heads bowed in silent prayer, weapons held to their right side, deactivated, barrels skyward. 3 Valiants are stationary overhead, facing the same direction of the Chaplains. Sentries are approximately 7 metres in front of the line, standing, weapons raised, facing the Chaplains. Above are the other 3 Valiants, facing the same direction as the Sentries.

"Our lives are but a flickering candlelight; mysterious to the curious, immolating to the unwilling, and forever in service to the Machine God."
All Chaplains ignite their flamethrowers, but otherwise remain motionless

"Alone, I am without meaning, failing in my service to the machine."
All Sentries chamber the first round in their magazine, but do not fire.
"Now, we act as one."
All Sentries fire one shot in unison over the line of Chaplains.
"Together in life."
Fire again.
"Bound in death."
Fire again.
"Unrelenting in our service to the Machine God."
Fire again.

"Our flame is kindled by those around us."
All Chaplains raise their right leg in unison, as to kneel only upon their left leg.
"It is fed by the flesh of those against us."
All Chaplains now stand, flamethrowers held in both hands, facing the Sentries.
"It is guided by our hand in service to the Machine god."
All Chaplains fire a 5 second burst at the Sentries; the flame dissipates just before contact.

"We are devout in our service, blessed in life, and graced in death."
All transfer their weapons into a rest position.
"Together, we live to see a better future, or die for our Machine God."
All units shift into a standard assault formation, and advance to their next target.

Progress in the name of a better future.
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