Kixeye do something with Cargo

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With the Godly amount of resource we now need for walls Hitting cargo is a lost cause to many **** 40's on map and 71's and 75's don't cut it. We have been hitting the same targets for years and need something new no damage where we can auto them. i have been hitting base part targets for resource. Hitting base's works but i'm sure who i hit fills the same way to much work to get resource just to have someone get it

here is what i think you should do is combine 2-75' together and the same with 71's or put 3- of them together where the pay out is better. I really don't care about the uranium that's in them just the resource. if you think this would work do it 

You could double up the uranium and add titanium to them i would not care seem like titanium is the hardest thing to get know days  
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