Flag Hulls need to be Upgradeable / treated same as normal hulls

Minor Nuisance
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I have been upgrading my Icebreaker hulls and while using them recently I noticed that the normal hulls state they are at R7, yet the Flag Hull does not. The normal hulls are outlasting the flag ship - and I have noticed this also on many fleets.

When upgrading hulls, why is it that the Flags are not included ?

Also, Why is it FLAG hulls take twice as long to build as normal hulls and generally longer to repair, yet in battle they last HALF as long ?

Is there any chance the following could be looked at ?
  1. When Hulls are upgraded - any Flag hulls are also included ?
  2. When a HULL build token is used can it also be used for Flags (especially now that generic Hull Build tokens are limited)
  3. Can Flag Hull Damage be at least comparable to Normal hulls in the fleet (preferably they should be stronger).
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