rolling grease monkey

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a lot of players would coin more if they could roll grease monkeys more often I had one and rolled one and got a few points that way i used up 425.000 uranium points to roll one grease monkey it's pretty sad that it take up so much uranium to roll one. i did hit a few silver salty and a Demolition Squad which now i have 9 i would trade them all in for one grease monkey so i could get more raid points. Most of the crews are old and way out dated it's time to upgrade them and add some new stuff and remove the old one. I think that when we roll for a crew all at one time that if you hit the same crew more then 10 times it should be removed that would up our chances to hitting a grease monkey and other good stuff. i know i;m sick of rolling lucky bastard all the time which i will never take or use maybe let use choose what we need for a price of uranium i rather buy a crew with 100.000 uranium then roll and get nothing
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