Todays stuff that dont work and other wishes

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Dear Kixx

1. I stil can sent in any tickets, yes i have bought coins, and it says my email is verified
2. my subs dont have timer any more, so i have no clue when my gluts or HW's are about to surface
3. I might aswel scrap my gluts, since they do almost NO dmg in other peeps bases.
4. Breachers make my base look i just started playing this game, even when i have 4 towers of every dmg type.
5. There was once a time where we had 3 daily camps, all that is left now seems to be none on 1 day and "a fil me up with U" the other day (no more chests ?
6. limited FM prizes, get rid of them, and prizes that i always have to get again to get to the tokens (gale II is a good example)
7. I made 4 chameleons and a flag one, none with armor yet, but the flag and 2 others are fully fitted and other 2 missing 4 uav's each
Did try an expidition, the results :
They managed to kill a few towers and then all of them were dead.
I would expect they could atleast kill some stuff in there, but it looks there is a steep learning curve

I would suggest stop adding new content for now, and make sure what you have is working and keep it working

Something else about new stuff you guys add that i dont think is good
items that are only for specifick hulls
items that are only for a specific flag ship (bat ray, razor thingy)
adding hulls that have a bigger max weight and adding stuff that weigh alot, only so we cant make awesome Seawolfs
adding + stats to a hull but at the same time adding -100% to other stats

These restrictions all limit the creativity of the players to fool around with the stuff we have.

And last, I made wish last year, and i stil think its a good wish, look into it pls ?
your items database must be a mess

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