Rogue crews

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When attempting to roll for Rogue crews, it is boring to constantly land on the common crews lvl 1, especially that stupid Lucky Bastard Parrot.  I believe you have room to insert another button for rolling at a higher rate, lets say two or three times the current rate of 1,000 Uran with 800 for rerolls.  But on this extra button, NO level 1 Common rogue crews would appear, so we could be rolling for 1, 2, or 3 star crews only.  I'm sure there is many players who would love to have a better chance at getting Elite crews and not have to see that stupid parrot.  If taking off the Common crews requires to put on the extra higher lvl crews, do it proportionately. ever 3 common are replaced with Uncommon (1 Star), 4th and 5th common replaced with Rare (2 Star) and 6th Common replaced with Elite (3 star).  At this rate, your players would be happy to roll like 3,000 Uran with 2,400 for rerolls.
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