Refactor level 7 Tokens don't work

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I upgraded all my turrets over the last year to level 9. Now you give away tokens to upgrade (only) level 7 turrets and the 47 tokens, I was given are worthless, totally worthless. So here goes another year of upgrades to level 10. So more and more I believe I am wasting my time playing your game. Akapirate. 
  • KE4KMD
    Potential Threat
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    You cannot upgrade the turrets to next level. But you can equip with them.
    KE4KMD (KAS)
  • Lilly Belle
    Lilly Belle
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    You didn't read the fine print. They are for level 7 TURRETS. Not defense platforms. Turrets are the weapons that are placed on the platform.
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