The Dragon's Oathswarn

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Mulan-Girl worth fighting for
The last wolf suite
Samurai Champloo - Shiki No Uta (HQ)
story[red text are links]

Operation Iron March: MAYHEM builds a massive army to invade the sector,the commander is met with an overwhelmingly powerful force,but a mysterious figure offers the support of his mechs to stop the Iron March.

Iron Reign- MAYHEM,Armored Corps, and the Highway Zealots form the superpower confederacy "Ironstrike" in responce to the destructive capabilities of the recently unveiled mechs, even with the first wave gone Odin's forces seem endless as local commanders deploy across the sector.

Iron Lord- our Mercenary allies claim to be the remnants of a faction known as "Ryu Kai" and bring more equipment into the sector to continue the war against Ironstrike 

Undead Swarm- with Odin's tide of flesh rendered a feast for crows Kane unleashes the zombie virus to make use of the endless ranks of dead, Goro, leader of the Ryu Kai, assists us by bringing forth fire based weapons from the Ryu Kai arsenal.

*Victory against Ironstrike*

Dragon's Oath-Ironstrike is defeated aswell as Kane's zombie army, yet Ryu Kai forces continue to enter and wage war on the sector.

Inferno-Ryu Kai forces have begun to build Castles within the sector to secure any land they managed to take in their betrayal.

Afterburn-The war continues and the Ryu Kai begin to loose their steam, becoming increasingly reliant on their Fortresses as their mechs are stretched to the limits.

Scorched earth- seeing the impending defeat Goro musters together whatever they can including revealing their most powerful weapon the "Ronin" class mech, win or lose hes preparing to make one last push into the sector.

*The Ryu Kai are defeated by the commander and are forced to abandon most of the sector, with only a few outlying strongholds remaining*

*Years following their defeat, just before Operation: Resurrection Kane's forces are seen engaging several Ryu Kai bases that had dotted the map Getting rid of an old adversary before attempting to bring back their master.

*footage showing the death of Sergei Kalishnikov shows him dying in the ruins of a Ryu Kai base (Unclear if they were passing through or if the Syndicate and Ryu Kai were in a conflict)

Exiled Honor: After years of exile the Ryu Kai return with a series of attacks on unarmed survivor civilians

when asked Goro says they needed those resources for the life or death of all Ryu Kai and that it is impossible for them to return to their home sector. 


[Event 2]

[Event 3]


Battle Hardened-

+Ryu Kai units take less damage from most sources


the trait is wrong in that the Ryu Kai are NOT weak to fire damage as this video demonstrates:


Legacy Units.

Mercenaries (single use units designed by the RK to drop down behind enemy lines)
*All mercs are immune to shock.

  1. Marauder- Fires machine guns made for older infantry and air units.
  2. Wrecker- fires missiles, can fire over walls, designed for buildings
  3. Striker-fires lasers, has the highest overall damage.

Ryu Kai inventions (units developed independently by the RK)
  • Guardian-useless-designed to be more of a tank in its day then a damage dealer it does vary little to impede modern units.
  • torch/scorcher-cannons fodder-while they were good tanks to use at the time of their invention they have little chance of killing modern units
  • Ronin-enemy command- provides a buff to other ryu kai units while also dealing decent damage on its own, one of the few ryu kai units that can still contend with modern units (though only the weaker ones)
  • Javelin-long range AA sniper- with ranges that have been unparalleled until the creation of the envoy a well protected javelin has been the bane of floating turrets, javelins also serve as the Ryu Kai's dedicated aa unit
  • ONI MK. II-kamikaze-fixed wing aircraft that almost always hits its target due to its speed  but almost always dies doing so due to its health.

Adaptations (units built by the RK with the design or technology of another faction)

  • Chimera- a large helicopter like unit made with ion weapons stolen from ironstrike-doesn't stand a chance with modern units.
  • Elite Widowmaker Prime-A command unit based on the Widowmaker series designed by the Eastern Horde, then adopted by ironstrike , and finally experimented with by the Ryu Kai.

Factions Era Units



Targets: land and air 
Damage type:appears to be sustain, then fire with flamethrower

Abilities:  fires machine gun in 3 round bursts until 50% hp then switches to flamethrower in short bursts which appears to turn their damage from sustain to fire, the flamethrower has small amounts of splash but does not appy napalm.
Can enter into bunkers with 100 capacity 

Vulnerable Statuses:concussion,napalm,plague,carrosion,smoked 
Statuses immune to: :Shock,Scramble  cryo[status symbol appears but no decrease in speed is seen]

when within bunkers Enshin are vary deadly and to be avoided at all costs.

Mobile Combat Suits

Mini Ronin:

Targets: land and air
Range: [~400] (appears to be close to 500 when firing against air 500*.2=100 added range vs air, will need further confirmation)
Damage type: sustain

Vulnerable Statuses:??
Statuses immune to??

is slowed by barbed wire so unlike other varients of ronin these forms seem to count as infantry

Ronin MK II:



Damage type:Burst-->Fire

Abilities:fires cannon until 50% hp when it switches to flamethrower

Vulnerable Statuses:plague,corrosion,Napalm(tough heavily resistant)

Statuses immune to:shock,concussion,scramble,turncoat,cryo,trapped


slowed by dragon's teeth so this unit counts as a vehicle.

Ground Vehicles

Javelin MK II

Targets:air and missiles


Damage type: sustain type damage

Abilities: Capable of shooting controller drones out of the air, has splash so is able to damage multiple small craft at once.

Vulnerable Statuses:shock, scramble,cryo,carrosion turncoat,plague

Statuses immune to:Concussion


Widowmaker prime MK II [Shonin]

Damage type: 
Abilities: spawn 6 mini ronin (Samurai)
Vulnerable Statuses:??
Statuses immune to??

capacity has limited testing


Oni Mk III:

Targets:land and air

Range:500? (appears to ignore ds aura)

Damage type

Abilities: fires a 3 round clip that applies the napalm effect

Vulnerable Statuses: Turncoat,Napalm

Statuses immune to: Concussion,Shock,plague

Oni are easily countered by tracking projectiles



Goro Tazaki:



Damage type


Vulnerable Statuses:

Statuses immune to


[art creddit: "Wayne chan" artstation, ?/?/15, 7/25/20]



flame grate burns for 10s then is cold for 10s
Rather than applying damage like Eastern Horde grates ryu kai flame grates apply a napalm effect.


Ryu Kai war factory.


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"the optimist looks up and loses his footing.
  the pessimist looks down and loses the path
  the strategist looks forward and adjusts accordingly" 
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    Disruptor+Mikey-Long Range Support- with a roughly 1200% increase damage to infantry a disruptor may find itself useful for limiting the amount of enshin being drawn in, mikey especially is suited to this task, aswell as is able to deal decent damage to a Ronin II

    Sharpshooters+Malcolm-long range support- bonus damage to infantry aswell as their large pool of status effects to pull from make sharpshooters handy support units, best when paired with an anti tank unit.

    Roland-main battle tank- due to the 3 burst clip his tank has roland is able to deal large amonts of damage to multiple enshin at once

    Destroyer-Main battle tank- DPS is high enough to outpace the RK resistance, however may need supporting tanks as the destroyer can take severe damage,

    Romero-unit hunter- tracking rockets allow him to take down oni and ronin, just needs support with taking out enshin quickly

    Outback-main defender- able to tank most small arms from ryu kai and potential get bonus damage to ronin MK IIS


    Aces-hit and run- can be shot down by Jav IIs however spin fast enough that you can manuver around them in small instances, 

    Siege Squadron&Ravagers
    -clean up- can be damaged pretty heavily by jav IIs but ravagers can be used to eliminate small groups of jav IIs, use with caution.

    -glass cannons/elemental support- Lancers would be annihalated in direct fire, but behind a tank they are able to help stun Enshin,

    -support tanks- damage reduction means that enshin can have difficulties entirely wiping out excavators in small groups, however they do not themselves deal enough damage to fill the role of tank on their own.

    Screamer-AA-slows down air but doesnt help when most threats are on the ground.


    Cerberus and Leonard- Psudo tank- Cerberus taking fire off of your main toon is a lifesaving capability for corpus as they are weak to sustain.

    -Dps/Tank- despite being in the category that is supposed to be weak against ryu kai goron shells dont deal insignificant amounts of damage, and the addition of cerberus drones can be helpful during the battle.

    Nyx- Interceptor- at level 10 Nyx's projectiles gain tracking which makes it impossible for her to miss when dogfighting ONI.

    Darkstorm-Instigater- use it's aura to pick fights with specific individuals in a base [note Ryu Kai have had technical difficulties staying reduced by the dark-storm's aura, use with caution]

    -dps support- is capable of firing on Enshin relatively quickly. 

    -main battle tank- Ares is capable of taking on any Ryu Kai in 2 shots or fewer.

    - distraction-produce drones to take fire off of your main platoon.

    Pegasus-AA-untouchable by most RK units but can snipe oni as they pass.

    Kraken-Main unit- can bypass RK damage resistance and eliminate up to 16 units at once.


    Drakon and Santiago
    dps support-due to the lack of ability to miss and ability to ignore the resistance of ryu kai santiago and drakons can be helpful for combat to protect against oni but can have difficulties without a tank on combating other ryu kai units

    - DPS support: they can kill Ryu Kai easily but are easily shot down by Enshin and Jav IIs so a tank is required.


    Adam-Professional chad- one shots Ryu Kai units, gets stronger in the precense of flame grates or ONI.

    -Main aircraft- As Ronin are Immune to Turncoat and Enshin are killed outright by the blast the shephard is afforded a lot more liberty than it normally does.

    Caretaker-Bishop-support units- caretakers are best used one at a time to preserve as many as possible, bishops are likely best buffing the reload of other units while helping negate the high resistances of the ryu kai.

    Devout-assault infantry/elemental support- due to the ability to stun enshin and thier high damage resistance with tech and faction buff armor devout are especially able to combat ryu kai units


    -long range support- they can slow Jav IIs allowing them to buy themselves time to shell lower ranged units but can fall easily if mishandled.

    Jugg+Prophet-glass cannons-get destroyed if caught outside of a tank's protection but can deal decent damage when within it.

    Ardre-Infantry hunter-one shot's Enshin without dying to their fire, but may struggle in a duel with a Ronin.

    Absolver- meat for the grinder- can deal large damage to ryu kai at large cost to self.

    Sentry+Laura-dps support- sentries are not durable enough to withstand an outright fight but behind a tank they can help take out Ryu Kai.

    Executioner-vip hunter- able to one shot any ryu kai unit but has a long reload time, requires support between shots for small targets.
    Annihalators-main battle tank-decent for soaking up damage for more valuable units.


    Bludgeon- deals significant damage to Ryu Kai units due to being an Energy class weapon, non-rouge railguns are unable to target bludgeons allowing them to get into places that normal platoons may not.

    Shredder- shredders are able to kill oni but as that is the only air unit it often runs out of things to shoot quickly.


    Stormchaser- Enshin do not turn into Energy AOEs upon being killed, and ronin and enshin are both effectivly immune to trapped meaning it is likely more effective to produce bludgeons rather than a stormchaser.
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    "the optimist looks up and loses his footing.
      the pessimist looks down and loses the path
      the strategist looks forward and adjusts accordingly" 
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