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Hello Pirates, I’ve resurfaced. I appreciate your patience as I’ve learned the game. The team has gotten me up to speed, I’ve been listening in on community conversations, and have a status report for you. But first, I’d like to help you understand a little bit about who I am and where I’ve come from.

My name is Christopher McMullen. I live and work on Canada’s west coast, the birthplace of yoga pants, smoked salmon, and all-year rain. When I was 16, I began what would turn out to be a 10 year career in the (Canadian!) Army. Since then, I worked building large-scale systems for the Ministry of Health here in Western Canada, before moving to KIXEYE to work in my lifelong passion: games. At home, I spend most of my time powerlifting with my wife, and hiking with this little idiot:

At KIXEYE, I started my career on War Commander Browser, where I’ve managed it as the Executive Producer since January 2017. In July of this year, I also took on Vega Conflict. For both games, my focus has been transparency and fun. The goal is that everything we build and change will make the game more fun, and that you understand why we make the decisions we do.

Now, to Battle Pirates:

Next week is the biggest week of 2018.

The PvP Refactor has been going through a series of player previews over the last month and (following its final polish preview running currently) it will be ready for release on November 20th, along with the Outpost 11 PvP Defense rollout. This update is the latest in Battle Pirates’ series of efforts to refresh and revitalize the PvP arena. Global Chat, World Map Fleet Manager, Sector Consolidation, World Map performance improvements, and asset re-sizing all have successfully set the stage for a more engaging player experience. The Refactor aims to simplify PvP stats and make them more accessible for all. It’s ready.

Before that happens, however, I’d like to address two concerns that have risen from the community. The first concern is regarding the finality of this change - I’ve spoken with the team and they will continue to take on feedback and make minor iterations to the Refactor following its release. This is going to take some adjusting, but if there’s anything that needs additional tuning once the dust settles we are more than open to that.

The second concern is refitting existing ships. We’ve heard the feedback that a 70% discount on Tier 7 refits isn’t enough, and I agree. I’ve worked with the team to see what we can do, here’s the plan:

  • 70% discount on refits of Tier 7 Conqueror and Defender hulls; Tier 7 PvP ship weapons; and Tier 7 PvP base turrets. This will run for 48 hours from the time of the release.

  • Anyone that has built a Tier 7 conqueror hull, defender hull, or turret will receive a set of Tier 7 PvP refit tokens that will allow you to refit your existing content for completely free. The amount of tokens you receive will vary based on the amount of Tier 7 PvP content you have built and, coupled with the 70% discount, this should smooth out the transition.

  • After a few weeks we will need to remove those tokens from player inventories, so that they do not continue to impact the economy long after the Refactor has settled. I encourage everyone to take advantage of these tokens while the 70% discount is active! However, even if you miss it, you have time to make use of your tokens.

More briefings and a catalogue of the stat changes will be releasing on Monday/Tuesday of next week along with the 8.47 update. CM Chris will also be releasing a mini state-of-the-game at the end of the month.

Good luck, and see you out there.

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