Did Not Get My Items!!!

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I recently bought the $19.99 pack that came with 4,000 coins, 3 Pre-fitted Punisher Cruiser, The Bridge V, Ship Factory X, Fleet Bay X, Ship Lab VIII, Arms Lab VIII, Tech Lab VIII, Storage Module X, Anti Matter Silo X, Workshop IX, Helium-3 x92,526,925, Mineral Ore x92,102,496, and Anti Matter x192,901. I ended up only getting 2,000 coins and my storage modules getting upgraded. I am very frustrated and this experience is discouraging me from buying more products in the future. My Account Name is Vestige and the numbers under my name are 22000980. I feel like I have been scammed in this whole situation. I have emailed them but they have not gotten back to me. What should I do?
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