Player banned for absurd reason.

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Ok, a player called: Citizen4, ID: 14116961
He made racist comments in his chat sector, which a friend told me and talked to him, which is someone who promotes hatred for an image, which is not even as he says "Nazi" but an image of a German medal given to pilots, the at all times in my chat when talking to racist comments towards me and my friend for the simple image, including a threat that I would be banned since I was supposedly a Nazi idiot who promoted hatred, my friend was banned a few hours, which the reason is absurd, since at no time has been annoyed or made racist comments being on different servers. I have the conversation and it is not the first time he does that, and weeks ago when we were in a different sector, he made equally racist comments in General Chat, and that anyone who had an idea (even if it was historical) of the Nazis, they were trash . It seems unfair to me to listen to a person like the one who promotes hatred and believes that he has the right to annoy others or to ask for bans for others who have not even done something wrong.
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