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No streamers, why!! ( OIL, Old school events )

Cold Void
Cold Void
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Hello everyone, I’ve been a hardcore fan of War Commander Web for as long as I remember, to me it was the most amazing game of all times amongst all those games out there and After all these years I’ve found War Commander Rouge assault and I’ve started to play the game and of course I enjoy the heck out of it but there’s set backs in this game such as the lack of game streamers and that maybe because there’s a lack of motivation for it somehow. Let me explain better, for instincts there’s not much to do in this game other than Grinding on daily bases which is fine but when it comes to make this game exciting it proves to be a problem, and when there’s an event, nobody wants to watch someone beating a base over and over for gizillion times for Points and the events are not as fun as I remember them to be in the early years of War Commander Web, as I’m sure someone here remembers, there used to be events that you were scouting the map for bases to hit and each base had its own design and the payouts were according to the level of the bases you hit, and there was defensive events where the game was testing your base and was sending waves of units ( or ZOMBIES in about Halloween times ) to test your base defense and you were getting Points for defeating these waves.
on the other hand the ability to fight other alliances on the map has a good motive for players to stream their content but of course the BIGGEST set back of all is the limited amount of OIL which won’t allow players to stream more than an hour or so maybe!!
The solutions would be quite easy in my opinion, you guys at Kixeye could bring back those awesome events like the ones we had in the early years of War Commander Web and make it so we start attacking bases from level one and all the way to level 100s so as many bases as we are able to beat will determine how much points we get, of course the higher the level goes the higher the amount of Event Points will be and so we could unlock stuff which will make people more interested to see how other players deal with these bases and the curiosity will make everything more fun. And as for the issue with the oil, you guys could simply add Boosts ( or super boost if you want to call it as the boosts are exist in the game already but it’s not near enough imo ) that could be purchased by players using Gold and make it so people can invest longer hours in this game if they wanted and yet again it will help the excitement in the game grow and so streamers could finally have a go at this game.

So this is what I’ve had in mind for a while and wanted to share it here so we could improve this awesome game together.

Keep being awesome guys,

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