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Armored turrets are better than Reinforced turrets, right?

Armored turrets have more armor than Reinforced turrets of the same level.   

Reinforced turrets claim to suppress splash, but do they do so to a greater extent than any other turret type with a similar amount of armor?
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    Seems like splash suppression no longer applies or is a thing of the past.    Reinforced platforms are supposed to block AoE splash damage, but crumble quickly against Envoy attacks.  Same with barricades above level 5. 

    I would say the same for Armor turrets as well.  Their intent was to suppress the first 100 sustain damage, but units now deal much greater damage so I don't see any advantage.
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    That's a tough call. I switch them around, and see what works in what situation. Always change for pvp & Event. Depending on what you face. My advice is to toy around with them doing experiments... find what works best for you.
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