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Events,units,& Tickets

Scott HUghes5
Scott HUghes5
Joined Sep 2018 Posts: 1

First RA is not letting me submit tickets..
secondly there has been no units in the events the past 2 weeks that I have.. all the units have been for players above 65 .. No Ah64s features offered, I have sharks, Merks, MI28, himars, etc .. but I can’t get the features for my units .. like currently in spec ops is only for ghost, ghost rider, sentinel, leopard, I don’t have any of that .. and those units don’t unlock anyway until you upgrade to lvl 65 .. I’m a lvl 60.. I’d like to upgrade my current units & get features before moving onto bigger units.. have a Avengers & raptors, haven’t seen any for those either in the last two events.. now currently spec ops doesn’t offer anything for players lvl 61 & below.. what’s going on? We get new units & then we can’t get the features for them?

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