Need fangtooth build for Oct.

Potential Threat
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Title says it all. What are we looking at for next raid? The New reapers sound like Fangs wont be able to hurt them until they come up for air?
  • Thorn_BP
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    eNqrVkosys0vKlayirYwM7TQgRIGZmAiVkepuCA1OTMxB6TA0NTSVMfCwtQYSJiZ6hiaGRjomBsZ6RibGZoAVZanJhbk54FNsjCx1EEQQIWmEAKXBFB3RmlOjqeLkhVQwqwWAEOeJPU=         <--- load that code into the share window of your shipyard
    That should be a good build, fairly standard but  very effective nonetheless. The nightmares could be switched out for more deliriums but they'll be a nice not as often but more powerful punch. Maybe switch countermeasure loader (that's there for more reload) for tactical insulator because of the cryo fields there will be? Hope that helps :)
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