What is DoT (Damage over time)

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First question, what is a DoT effect? It is basically damage inflicted at a set interval over a period of time.

DoT effects have been in the game for a very long time. It is far from being a new mechanic, and works the same way it has since it's release. But, if you weren't around for that, you probably have no idea what it is or how it works. It has also been quite a while since there was a useful DoT weapon, so here is a refresher. Don't worry, I had to dig for my notes on it as well.

Let's look at the Adder print and it's DoT mechanic to try and clear up what this all means and how it works.
Lightshot screenshot

In order to paint a pretty picture I am going to explain the stat lines out of order.

DoT Duration: The length of time that a DoT stack is in effect.

Each DoT stack from the Adder will persist for 24 seconds. The counter starts as soon as the projectile inflicts damage on the enemy target. Each projectile will add a single stack to the target, unless otherwise specified. In addition, adding "Supercharge" will increase the number of DoT stacks a projectile will add.

DoT Damage: The amount of damage that a single DoT stack will inflict over it's lifetime.

A single DoT stack from the Adder will inflict 16,320 damage over it's lifetime, which is 24 seconds.
So a single stack will inflict 16,320 over 24 seconds. You can break that down to be 16,320/24 = 680 DPS. Which is important for the next bit. 

DoT Max Damage: The maximum DPS that can be inflicted through DoT stacks

With maximum stacks the Adder will be inflicting 17,000 damage per second. 
Mathing s'more you can find out that in order to maximize your DPS you need 17,000/680 = 25 stacks. 
Once you reach 25 stacks on a target you are effectively maxed on damage output.

Another piece of information that is needed is how often the damage is inflicted. This is especially important when trying to determine how best to counter the DoT effects. After some testing it has been determined that DoT weapons do not all share the same infliction time. 

Disclaimer: These are values I have estimated for current tech, they are by no means official values.
  • Cryo Adder - 2.5 seconds
  • Death Scythe - 5 seconds
  • Sinful Scattergun - 0.2 seconds
  • Radioactive Fields - 0.2 seconds

Additional notes:
  • DoT stacks are immune to unreactive.
  • Damage type specific deflection DOES mitigate DoT damage, and is applied each time the damage ticks off.
  • Turret resistance DOES mitigate DoT damage from turrets.
  • There is not currently a way to increase the DoT damage beyond what is on the print already.

Hope this helps!
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