Random Frame Drops

Minor Nuisance
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When playing Vega I notice i would get sudden, freezes lasting for a fraction of a second. 
So I decided to monitor my hardware with MSI Afterburner.
Here's what I can say from the data

GPU temps are fine, hovering at ~50C
GPU usage is a little suspicious, barely doing anything, but jumps to ~50%
RAM looks normal. sits at ~4000MB
CPU usage around 25-30% with some random jumps (probably because i'm switching tabs)
CPU temp hovers around 41-43C but spikes to 50C+ and comes back down to 40C every few seconds

now its the frame rate where it gets interesting

It sits at 59-60fps but every ~20 seconds (more or less) it drops almost to 49 and back up.

There are other games effected by this lag, but its with vega conflict where the issue is easily monitored

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