VEGA's Uncovered Experiments

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Vegas research on blood Amber, horrific atrocities and links to aliens may have been uncovered for all to see, but how much do we really know about the full capacity of VEGAs unorthodox research?

  1. The Elyph Experiments

In 34 V Artificial insemination Geneticist Sn set courze to collect Alirn life thst was caosble of surviving im space and ither harsh conditions on even the most begun work on a highly controversial eugenics project which would involve merging human DNA with these new creatures in an attempt to make a half human, half alien hybrid race.

It is said that he wanted it train these strong soldiers into becoming part of a "mutant alien army" to serve as Vsecs very best soldiers, capable of surviving the harsh temperatures and vaccum of the void.

The project earned the researcher the title "Mr Frakenstein" and was fully funded by the Federation High Council.

The High Council was also interested in "Positive Eugenics" in order to bring about a more cooperative and docile population under their rule.

When his first attempts with reproduction via artificial womb failed, Dr. Had set out and arranged the kidnapping of over 30 female test subjects, most of which were unsuspecting colonists onboard mining bases, others working as prostitutes in the shady areas of the universe, while others sign contacts with the Federation in exchange for a chance for freedom.

The experiment despite making progress, never came to fruition, when the captured test subjects would sometimes enter extreme pain when attempting to birth the new hybrid children.

Others would simply die due to the incompatibility of human and alien genes, however a few successful offspring were made.

Samples of flesh were obtained by researchers who then put the muscle and tissue to the test. Proving to be 9 times out of 10, immune to the voids many extreme.

The experiment was abrubtly ended when it was discovered one of the female test subjects turned out to be the wife of non other than a high council member, resulting the experiment never taking to the grand scale it was planned for.

This experiment was eventually exposed in leaked documents obtained on one of the suspicious cargo hulls intercepted by the First mobilization of Aliens into our space.

  1. The Battlecruiser Class

At first the idea of gigantic yet fast and mobile ships appealed greatly as ameans for the Federation to overtake the rebel forces that begun upeisijg sector after sector.

To counter the growing influence of rebel propaganda, the Federation authorized the construction of 100 Desslok Class Battlecruisers.

The Battlecruisers, seemingly confident in their ability to fight the enemy were deployed on a stronghold in the Procyon sector, where it's weight caused it to habe slow turning speeds, expensive fueling costs and could be easily outmanuvered by frigates cruisers and cutters.

The resulting aftermath was a wreckage to unspeakable to speak of. This was suspected to be covered up In order to keep up appearances with a growing rebellion.

  1. Controlled comets

At one point A VEGA Scientist known as Greggok had begun experimenting with magnetic and gravitational technology, AKA manipulating objects with the use of physics

The plan was to use controlled comers to ram into rebel strongholds rendering them useless, in 40 V, it was tested

The first test was a stunning success managing to completely cut through a gigantic bridge "like a hot knife through butter, however that victory was short lived when the second test caused the comet to crash straight into a VEGA Complex.

The project staff were put on trial for the resulting loss of life and Federation assets that had occurred and then executed, causing the project to become abandoned.

  1. Holes in Space

Prior to what many think Contact was the first time humanity had met the Altarians, a defunct Soverign Carrier with a mysterious device onto it had been discovered within its cargo bay. This discovery in the midst of experimentation taking place on Colony 47.

The division, unknown to Dr. Steinson at the time, had been working to understand the devices working and how it could benefit them

In an effort to keep the two Research programs apart, another facility known as Colony 85 was established in the draconis star system to serve as a way to devlop the tactical use of artificial wormholes that can be utilized in battle.

Unfortunately for them, the device was not made by Altarian design at all, and had in fact been recovered by an Altarian research division about a mysterious race that had disseapeared seemingly overnight.

The devices true intentions were realized too late when many inter dimensional rifts were opened within the Draconis constellation, resulting in... unknown extra dimensional creatures to invade the space within, seemingly distorting light to cover their "scent" so that no approaching fleet would notice them approaching until being caught in their nauseating "distortion Zone" ghst would distort time and space as well as sound and light perception itself, making everything a disturbing black and white appearance as well as distort the vision of everything.

It was something capable of causing insanity as well as make even the strongest men cry.

The device was recovered by the Altarians at a seemingly unknown amount of time later, whom seem to habe either defeated mwny of these extra dimensional entities, or have come after something else did the job.

The fate of the device remains highly classified within Altarian Archives. As one of "On-Wah' s unchecked ambitions"

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