Anyone could help Double Trouble COOP!

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Need help(Double Trouble)

  • don.bay.12
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    use dragons
  • nizam jaber
    nizam jaber
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    come to sector 261 i can help you
  • dm vc
    dm vc
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    if your in the 300s ill help message me

  • michael.west.750
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    You're in sector 455. Can't help you.
  • Carlo DeNauw
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    Looks like a couple players are trying to help anyone.
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    I'm in Sector 482 & have helped several players complete Double trouble with nothing more than a Gunboat. Let me know when you are online. It would be a Win-Win as I need 2 more shards to complete the set.  LJLforever of TOTA
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    Yunok_W said:

    Need help(Double Trouble)

    You have a level 23 base, which you did start 6 years ago.
    You are one from that pirates, which are magically reactivate their base, because there is the non-levelrestricted Manticore TLC.
    So its highly possible, that this is your alt account, so you can terrorize low levels with a scattergun Manticore, if you get them.

    In my eyes, its worthless, to help you, because your base will never grow...except to be big enough to hold a Manticore in your fleet.
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  • Zeus6927
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    We been screaming out in comms but no body seems to need help...a good thing really

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