Letter from Will Harbin about the Future of Battle Pirates

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    Incredible, you release an App only offer that was broken, you are told it's broken, you say it's not, then you realise it is broken, say you are working on it yada yada yada, Raid finishes.

    Not forgetting that it alienated any players that don't have the FB linked account, twice if you count the 50 gold giveaway.

    But today you want me to believe that it will change (again).


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    Well your letter means nothing to the players.  Lets start with the SSRBs  too much damage for a chore target most of the community have not even done them ( I Haven't).

       Then lets go to the new legion base part targets.  Raid is over so i go to fill up on base parts so I hit the new ones.  Now I have to repair for about 6 hours due to your team changing the targets from what they were in the raid.  In the raid my tank ship shot down most of the projectiles.  Now in these new targets it only shoots down about half of them which equates to more damage.  Why didn't your team leave them alone and put the same targets that were in the seige raid in the base part targets  why just why did you change them?


    Your team could have put the same targets (instead of changing them) that were in the raid onto the map and we could have filled up with base parts for maybe 1 or 2 hours repair, but instead for the sake of coinage you change them so the damage is about double. 

    I don't believe any thing you say about players first....   
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    He's whack
  • Faeth DeHart
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    You really need to have some of your team actually play the game...experience it so they will know what we are talking about when we do complain...when things are very boring, Like chores.  This game use to be so fun but how would you know if you didn't play.  I really hope you're telling it like it is..I will hang in there to find out.  I will tell you,  I, for one, am very very tired of refits each raid...it's getting very old.  tks
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    This whole thing can be filtered down to a single sentence that gives all of the content in the message:

    "Heading up that leadership team is our new GM, Michael Rubinelli."

    Thats it. They hired a new guy to replace the departed GDA and GDR. Everything else is flowery BS.

    The community has been anything but complacent. Complacent players have already left the game and the folks left have been screaming their **** heads off for a while now. 

    Well, Michael Rubinelli, a man of much experience with failed companies, let's just see how you do...

    The lead skill is Monetization!. LMAO
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    Ok, let me play devils advocate here for just a moment.

    I understand words come cheap, but I am glad to see that you are willing to admit there has been a problem with the way things have been handled as of late. So, thank you for that.

    I speak only for myself of course, but I have noticed a slight change of course lately. Nothing definite jumps out at me, but there just seems to be a different, more enjoyable flow and feel to the game lately. 

    Sure, we still have chores, and yes, things are harder to achieve for some, more than others. But this game has been that way from day 1. Its never been easy for anybody, we have ALL struggled at some point in the game. And a lot of times its been the players own fault for not following the "Rules for Success" that have been set forth. I have been guilty of this myself. We are all not meant to be on the same plane. There will never be an overnight success story in this game. Its a process, and it takes patience and time to get to the level of play that some are at.
    But, then again, sometimes Kixeye sets the hurdle to high for players to jump over. Its a fine balancing act that is hard to achieve at times.

    There is fault on both sides, and I'm pointing the accusatory finger at neither.

    Yes, I too get frustrated and come to the forums to voice my discontent with the way things are going. Sometimes a little too much.  :p:p:p

    But, I still love to play the game, or I wouldn't be here. And I've invested too much time to just walk away because something didn't go my way.

    With that being said, I hope your words come with swift and decisive action.

    The clock is ticking.


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    This game will soon be called Space Pirates, cuz the 3D ships are gonna float on water and fly out of your computer screens....lol.
  • The Amazing Jeff
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    Blue_Dog said:
    "A lack of community engagement has caused us to lose touch with the speed that players can realistically progress."  That has to be the biggest load of horse manure I've heard in years!  We talk but you don't listen.
    that's what "lack of community engagement" means, there/here's the community, they haven't engaged with it.
  • mattheusD
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    make one of each clas boats 1 1 / 2de rep slot or make sure that you can turn 1 slot on each clas boats so you can not reproduce 1 boat at a time but from each clas 1
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    OK.   We'll see.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

    This last raid was the first one that I opted out of since I started playing.  Years and Years ago.  TBH, I haven't played much at all the last couple of wks.  Partly due to real life....but mostly, because its just not that much fun any more.  Until the last couple of wks, I have been the one telling my guys "don't quit...give it some time to straighten out".  (but it doesn't)  "Take a short break if you need to..but come back".    And you know what?  They usually do.  Because they, too, have enjoyed the heck out of this game.  So they try.  But so far...it hasn't changed for the better.  I'll give it a bit more time...see how things go.   But not long...…….


  • markhorn
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    And the flying pig has just **** on my head, oh no it has not because pigs dont fly and  nothing will change, as a player with a low 4 mil ID and on for over 6 years , what the fk is a new ceo going to do 2 raids a month to get less money in, get back to the black water days, but we know that wont happen, congratulations to kixeye for **** a good cash cow up, even trump could not do better
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    Like the others, I'll just have to wait and see.  This game used to be AWESOME!  I would love to see the fun return to the game, but it has become laden with chores which have, at least for some, become difficult to complete.  Simple resource necessities have become challenging for some to obtain.  The expectation for players to have dedicated fleets to so many of the different aspects of the game combined with the crazy built times have been a source of frustration for years.  Yes, tokens help, but they are not enough.  I've played this game for a long time and I've seen my share of broken promises, yet I've stuck with it. (Many would say foolishly so).  Many of your remaining players are hanging on a string and it's not going to take much for them to leave.  You've been asked if not pleaded to time and time again to bring a balance to the game.  Don't screw this up or you will see this game crumble like many others.
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    This is the second raid I did not play.  Usually I have been able to play at the lowest level and grind out some prizes.  Once again I decided that 1.5 hrs damage for 4k points was not worth playing.  Hopefully they will make it fun and doable no matter what level you are at in the game, not just the ones that coin moderate to heavy.
    Having fun smushing bases and getting smushed
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    How about opening up the preview servers to the whole community again?  You need to hear from ALL of us. 
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    Im waiting to see if Kixeye realy take Players First as they make changes. So far we have seen nothing other than abuse and kixing(changes unannonsed) ! Players have used lots of time coins and work to get bases up and running just to see Kix changes make most of it almost useless without even making some sort of refunding. (As pixel coins)

    So time will tell if it indeed will show players First, so if water get tohigh again i guess it will def. be easyer to jump ship and quit.

    About development of the game, there realy need to be some way of simplefy graphics in events, now lagg is our only known outcome when raids are running.

    And REALY You need to make a test enviorment of grid to test changes before they are implemented. Maybe some of the problems would have been found before they are pushed out.

  • Henry_Every
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    The upcoming FM transition best go well. The future of BP is in the players hands, not Kix. This warn you. 
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    Blue_Dog said:
    "A lack of community engagement has caused us to lose touch with the speed that players can realistically progress."  That has to be the biggest load of horse manure I've heard in years!  We talk but you don't listen.
    I think he meant that Kix hasn't been engaged with the community. At least, that how I read it.
  • paula aultman
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    I am a player with a 3k player id, i started just after the black water days, i have heard all this before. I remember when on a raid week there were over 100k players, this raid you were lucky to have 30k, i used to play for hours a day now i log on to do chores and repair ships so i can do another TLC then log off and play another game. I used to coin a fair amount now hardly any, thanks for the 50 gold, it helped and did not cost you anything. When a ship is a must have for a raid or FM and it costs 40 mil points only top players might be able to get it. Bounty keeps changing, the one a couple of months ago was ideal and i had fun but the last one sucked and i don't plan on doing the next one.  Until i can see results i will not be playing or coinging.
  • Gryffon
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    Ohh its that time of year again the we will improve predecessor statement so that in december when they do 1 thing right they can say look we are listening and fixing stuff give us money again.
  • mariabaniokou
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    For the first time in the years I joined battle pirates I hear that it's about the players . Amazed because so far it's not what we've seen . It should have always been about the players because in the long run even those that don't coin have their use considering the fact others coin to help em out . Interesting thinking Will Hardin. As of Chris Rampage yeah he has given his heart and soul in the game . And he's still needed . In my humble opinion that is .

  • Toshiyuki Morikawa
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    How about opening up the preview servers to the whole community again?  You need to hear from ALL of us. 
    Maybe if the community at large could provide feedback that was coherent and actionable, they'd consider it?  Given what normally shows up in posts, something tells me that's not going to happen any time soon.
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    When you look at the progress of the game, it is going at a very quick pace.  I see no reason why a newcomer would stay, because it requires so much  to start and the fleets we use take so long to build.. a manticore took what? 20 days? for 1?  A FM fleet of dragons about the same.  A new guy has to make fleets to get the hull and specials, then build them?  I fully support some changes, makes the game different,  But seems like its really fast and uranium, base parts and even more difficult to get.. The legion parts base already has more repair time per fleet, than the scourge ever did.  I enjoy the game and I have heard this before, I have also heard people saying the game is dead, for the last 5 years.  People will always whine at the simplest things.  I like where the game is going, maybe slow it down a bit, so the "normal" guy can build the ships for it.. Right now, I have missed 2 raids because it took so long to build the fleet, this was the first I got to really participate in.. and after 1 more.. now I am sure I will have to build a honking skirmish fleet that doesnt exist yet.  Just for the skirmish raids that are coming.

    Lootmaster :p

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    I have seen 2 different Alliances (minimum) walk away for this game in utter discuss. Good product with lousy management means bankruptcy. I'll by it for a $1 and turn lose my students and my friends, Then write a book, How to Manage IT for Success, for Dummies --> PMP / ITIL / Python / Linux / Unix Instructor.....
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