Letter from Will Harbin about the Future of Battle Pirates

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    if you really change something about it, you can do the same research to see how smaller players can get up in the game faster without having to coin, and how players can do more with less gold, so we have to coin so that you can continue to exist as a company, but some things go far too far I myself have been playing for a number of years and miss the game from the past very much you go with everything much too fast when we have a fleet finished, he is only useful for map targets and we have to make all the new ones, make sure that base weapons come into camps that you can play freely with conq boats in order to offer everyone the same opportunities not once in limited camp but in a fixed camp so everyone can get it in time. Take care of more multyplayer camps so you can get help from your clan care that for example only clan members can help or something so that not everyone can do this but make the game fun again instead of a lot of money to ask value lose boats
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    sinista said:
    Think I've heard this before.  *adopts a wait and see attitude*
     The BIGGEST issue is listening to said community, that's the big issue. Start with that, I have somewhat faith here in the Team, but rest lies on them. See ya on the Seas.
    War does not determine who is right - only who is left.

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    Coming from an old time player and have seen alot in this game, Will Harbin here's hoping :)
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    So were expecting to see content that's PLAUSIBLE to do for players without all the required tech for a ship? Maybe some ways to GET the hulls/weapons/specials/cic/etc. for keeping up with the games content? Campaigns that arent Time limited but Permanent? Raids with relevant prizes for all levels and skills? Maybe a 2nd Shipyard or an upgrade to the 2nd shipyard allowing PVE players a way to keep up with the game content overload?

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    I am glad that the highest command has recognized the state of the game and is taking action to rectify it. 
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    one way to get players interested again, will be to make the base battles to 5 levels each way only, instead of all the high levels killing everything in sight because they can , restrict the base killing to 5 levels each way, that top me is a better start to fair gameplay
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    someone also said bring back the old dub's, i agree, but give better incentives to get more prizes in them , not more damage which only causes people to coin , give up and leave 
  • The Amazing Jeff
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    How hard would it be to reduce build times for research tech by 95% and then reduce build time on anything over 2 years old by 50%, 1 year by 25% etc etc.. 

    otherwise we'll need another major re-balance like the one just after the first scourge cycle.
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    All I can say it, stop for the 4th quarter of this year, no new content, no new raid, continue as is for a full rebalance and re build. 
  • Louis Kakascik
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    Wheres our new crews and all the other content we were supposed to see? I have heard this tune before and it was nothing but lies so why should we believe it now? Take your bullshit somewhere else Will Harbin
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    Smells like a cow pasture to me....
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    I used to play alot and spend some for events, all when you actually had fun and it was a personal challenge to achieve certain targets for events. over the last few years I have found the game less desireable to play and cut my spending ( ok so it wasn't anywhere near as much as some) then stopped playing as everything became a chore rather than a pleasure. The only way I will come back to the game is if you go back serveral years at least to when it was fun to play. In the meantime actions will speak volumes over words.
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    well i will believe it when i see it happening,until then its just hot air coming out of his mouth,as they say actions speak louder then words
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    One thing I would want you to do is just this. Get a sampling from broad areas of BP. Stop going to the groups that have mods and very hackers. We all know who they are. Get a broad spectrum of players throughout the game and get a better understanding of it. May of the guys that have quit this game in the last two years is due to overloading the game with chores and fleets we don't have time to build in a timely fashion. I know the game has passed the time it was years ago and everything is higher cost but **** man. This is like taxes. Have a few to pay the high bill or have many pay a little. It has gotten way out of hand where I see huge coiners leaving. I am one of those but some how I am addicted to it.. Lets everyone back up a few paces and look at the over all view of it. You need to make money, we understand that, but the trend in the game has gotten so out of hand. Step back and lets get real players involved from broad spectrum. Not just token groups. Listen to them. Try to return it to the days when guys were waiting to get on and play. These days, many hate getting on due to the many chores, camps, FM, bounty and raids. Its just become a constant pain in the **** in our everyday life....... Just take these words of wisdom with you. Build it and they will come. Complicate it and they will leave..... 
    Ron T Kiser 
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    this letter reminds me of the time will harbin was on Battle Vortex years ago and he promised us everything and delivered nothing. so to be honest i am adopting the stae of missouri moto SHOW ME dont talk show us u intend to fix game includeing fixing ur server lag and build and research timers on ur server and thats to start i can list at least 100 things needing fixed in game and thats without looking hard FYI i have been playing game for nearly 7 years myself and my coinage has stopped due to state of game
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    Seriously...if you really did care so much ...why did you set up the last two raids so peeps can't get what they want right off the bat?..why so much limited crap? why you have tokens in different categories (hull specific) and  at a higher price than they were originally? come on...and now you expect us to believe what?

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