Omega blackout bases?

Big _Chief
Big _Chief
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What is with the omega blackout bases that are out today.Why do they only payout 1 part per base?Ive done 7 of them and only 1 part is all i get from them.The last time the bases spawned last week i was getting mixed but far better payouts from them.Why do you always mess with everything in the game?Well the bases are super easy to do,with free repair so i wont be coining.Just could do with less grind,theres enough of that already.
  • Reborn6969
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    I've done 43 bases in the last 3 weeks now and i am only getting 1 part per base. i'll wait until kixeye kix these bases as its boring as hell. 
  • Adel Wael
    Adel Wael
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    Its not kixeye changing the bases its the lottery system that they have which is always against the player

  • iwona.esser.1
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    did my first today and got 4. up to 70 now.
  • shefqet.zoga
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    is no much different from elite or omega,only omega unit i give up doing,
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    Glad i dont have to worry about this.But the alledged lottery system they have in place is a joke.Always has been.
  • kixeyeuser_1381785235850_30485_688970479
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    i should put a demand calling that a lottery system is no going acord to the law because you get to a milestone and you only get 1 part
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