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right i have noticed during PVP and base testing 

the max Achilles GS rocket in silo pretty much have no affect on new units as they are so overpowered now they need a buff in damage for us to stand a chance

secondly i have maxed flood turret on CC and it just doesnt even scrape the new units being brought out its pants to even use same as all command turrets they need a huge damage buff to help

thirdly the new avalanche turret now at maxed level doesnt even worth using doesnt do **** all yes you upgraded them but they need more of a buff to help rebalance defence against all the new uniques you guys are bringing out constantly even with support turrets

yes i do sometimes have units in base to help defend but turrets are there for a reason 

advisory is needed
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    We are looking into some options for defensive power.  In the short term, it might be worth trying some Fusion support turrets to boost your damage against Uniques.
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