8.28 Discussion Thread

  • john joseph svelnys
    john joseph svelnys
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    yup jav 2 not firing
  • sam.cundliffe
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    Gibbs1973 said:
    Kix, you are changing the FM and give us some ship builds to help to do them but you don't put the components that you show into the raid so we can build them. Please add the D5-XM Armour and the Lowered explosive Mount into the open store.
    i think there in the fm
  • captainspike
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    I wonder did kixeye forget to add this to that phrase?  Players first, "to get screwed."

    No reason to force almost 50 days of build and refit on the fm fleet just to attempt a target that will be here in less than 3 weeks.

    Forced refits are pushing people away in mass.
  • dan.warren.564
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    I agree with you on this. I am 7 mil ID so been playing for years and when I read they are making this change I just wanted to give it up. They are changing targets and fleets so fast now that the only way to keep up is to spend massive amounts of coin. I do spend but not going to coin this.
  • mark.matthews.94
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    My ID number is 519K and change - lol - I have been on here for over 7 years and, yes, this used to be a heck of a lot more fun. 
  • Carlos_DaPoof
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    Isn't there already a thread to voice opinions on this?

    Or is there something being said here that is................special, and requires it be elevated above everyone else's opinion?
    " I see no solid discussion or argument. Just whining and name calling. You pose no reason or logic to back up your position and can't articulate a reason why "
  • Shark Attack 167
    Shark Attack 167
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    williaij said:
    I was wondering, for players in my alliance that can finally get the dragon hull in the open store for 15 million, but have no newer equipment Rockets and engine in the ladder, is there any way kixeye could get those items out from behind the flagship at 40 million?  It is a barrier to getting a current FM fleet.

    RFX eng & Twifire rockets are in the prize ladder. They can get them b4 G's ID. Though i'd go with ss6 over RFX eng.
    ss6 is way better than rfx engineand with max r rank can do very good on any fleet-the new rockets may be good we will see,
    Shark Attack 167
  • Terrill Conant
    Terrill Conant
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    It seems too me that since this is a manticore raid,, and a lot of players use scatter guns on their manticores,, that Scatter System would be a logical choice as an item on the prize list,,, I also wanted to plug grease monkey's,, the odds of getting a grease monkey spinning crews is certainly astronomical,, I've rolled two of them in the last year,, just a bit of info for kixeye,, the odds of my spending gold are greatly increased in the event that I roll a grease monkey,,,, so,, bump the odds of rolling one of our favorite crews, and add Scatter Systems too the prize list,,, want to make more gold,, do what it takes to loosen purse strings,, those would work in my case, and I'm certain there are a lot more that are more inclined to coin when they have a grease monkey on their fleet.. Just saying
  • The Amazing Jeff
    The Amazing Jeff
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    ogrish said:
    I second the request for generic tokens, even hourly ones would be nice.
    even "class" tokens would help...
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