8.26 Bounty 11 Briefing

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Bounty 11 Briefing

Bounty 11 starts one day earlier this season on Wednesday.

Bounty is an event where players repeatedly smash each other's bases and steal Bounty to spend on PvP tech. Players protect their winnings by either manually securing their Bounty or by reaching a persistent 10k checkpoint. There are prizes available for all, but dedicated pirates who manage to rise through the ranks will claim the shiniest spoil.

For Bounty 11, you will receive a drip of 800 Bount every six hours after opting in. High level Replica bases will now be worth even more Bounty this season!


  • Additional bounty rewards for hitting player bases. In addition to stealing 50% of a player’s unsecured Bounty,  you will also earn a flat rate based upon the level of the player’s base. This additional Bounty is even more than the max value of a same-level replica base.

Season Information

Season 11 runs from Wednesday, 6/27 at 10AM PDT to Monday, 7/2 at 10AM PDT

Bounty Drip

  • 800 Bounty will be granted every 6 hours

    • 10am, 4pm, 10pm, 4am PST

Steal Percentage

  • Successfully defeating a base allows you to steal 50% of their unsecured Bounty. New for Bounty 11, you will also receive an additional flat amount of Bounty for defeating other players! This bonus amount is not taken from their balance.

Securing Bounty on Demand

  • Each day you have a limited number of “Daily Charges” which you can spend to Secure your exposed bounty at the press of a button.

    • Each day starts with a different number of Daily Charges.

      • Day 1: 5 Daily Charges

      • Day 2: 4 Daily Charges

      • Day 3: 4 Daily Charges

      • Day 4: 3 Daily Charges

      • Day 5: 3 Daily Charges

    • Note that you get 5 Daily Charges the first day you log on to Bounty, no matter which day it is in the schedule.

  • Every time you reach 10,000 Unsecured bounty,  that amount is secured automatically. This does not cost a charge.

Nexus Information

  • There are 5 Nexuses per world

  • Nexuses drip 25 Bounty every 60 minutes

  • There are 2 rounds of Nexus spawns. The first set lasts from Wednesday, 6/27 at 10am - Fri, 6/29 at 3pm. The Nexus expiration bonus is 2000 Bounty. You must log in and claim this bonus on Friday 6/29 from 3pm - 4:55pm PST.

  • Another round of Nexuses spawn on Friday, 6/29 at 5pm and expire when the season ends. You have until the end of the store to log in and claim the expiration bonus, which is 4400 Bounty for the second set of Nexuses.

  • If you are going to switch Alliances for the Bounty Season, make sure to do so before the Season begins. If you change Alliances after Bounty starts you may not get Nexus drips or Expiration Bonus.

Replica Bases

  • Replica Bases - These are labeled “Your Opponent” on the world map.

  • These are copies of real player bases that are spawned as an NPC target and pay out bounty. Anyone who participated in the last season could be copied, but the spawning is random.

  • Each replica base can pay out bounty within a range of values.

For more complete information on how Bounty functions please the full write up for Bounty: Here (<--- Click Link)


The Ifrit is the next T7 Conqueror hull.  The Ifrit is the radioactive hull, boosting radioactive deflection and damage.  This hull is going to work well against the Phlogiston Launcher that is going to be released for base defense in the July Event.

Don’t store these launchers under your local Spet.  Equip these launchers on your Ifrit to inflict maximum damage against bases.  

Who needs safety protocols?  Not the Reavers. Their Radioactive Ignition increases Splash and Radioactive Damage. Weaponized nuclear waste is the key to your victory.

The upgraded version of the Javelin will help you increase the bonuses from your T7 Ballistic turrets.

Prizes and Cost





12 Hour Ship Build Tokens

Limit 1 claim

Crusher Cannon

Boulderfist Weapon

Punch Drive System

Boulderfist Special


Limit 5 claims (1 hull per redeem)

24 hour Structure build token x1

Limit 1 claim


War Plating III

Siege Missile D55-X

MSC Weapon

Precision Missile System

MSC Special

Conquest Yard 24-hour token x1

Limit 5 claims

Conqueror Class 24-hour Build Token x1

Limit 3 claims

Fuel Tank 01-X

Javelin II 7-day Build Token

Limit 5 claims

Catastrophic Mortar 7-day Build Token

Limit 5 claims

Vulture Missile II 7-day Build Token

Limit 5 claims

Blunderbuss II 7-day Build Token

Limit 5 claims


Missile Storm Cruiser

Limit 5 claims (1 hull per redeem)

Tactical Focus

Limit 5 claims (1 per redeem)

Siege Cannon D35-V

Ballistic Calibrator

Impact Cruiser Special

Penetrative Scope


1x Impact Cruiser

Limit 3 claims (1 hull per redeem)

Wildfire Thrower

Ifrit Weapon

Radioactive Ignition

Ifrit Special

Blunderbuss II x1

limited turret (1 per redeem)

Explosive Force

Ship Special

Catastrophic Mortar x1

llimited turret (1 per redeem, max 2)

Javelin II x1

New limited turret (1 per redeem, max 2)


3x Ifrit

Limit 1 claim

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