A bit of help :)

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Well i use to play the game alot, a few years ago and wanted to get back in, but alot has changed i see.
Was hopeing that some one, might could give me some tips/tricks, and mabye kinda take me under his wing for a while.

  • William Lamar
    William Lamar
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    I'm in the same boat. I see the top videos but most are old and irrelevant.

  • Commander Centurion
    Commander Centurion
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    I need this as well. I want to give the game a chance again but it seems like I've been out of the loop so much that there's virtually no way of getting back on course. Thus lies the reason I feel the game is unworthy to begin with

  • Fernando Andrade
    Fernando Andrade
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    Depends on what tech you are in right nlw and maybe i could serve a bit of help.

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