The Punisher: one of the most useful ships in Battle Pirates

Flint Hodges
Flint Hodges
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Recomended level for guide: 25-40
From being capable of killing low level FM targets, to grinding for resources, the Punisher is the guy for the job.

How to obtain the Punisher:
The Punisher is easily obtained by scoring 750 points in the FM.Be sure to redeem it in the FM tab. Build a few bunker busters or send in your most powerful fleet to obtain the points.

How to build your Punisher:
The punisher specializes in balistic damage. This means that you need to use cannons or railguns. For newer players, use ripper cannons(IV, preferably). For specials use engine upgrades, hardened barrels, and guidance scramblers. If you have it, use alloy armor special as well. Then, use the tier 1 draconian armor for the 10% defense bonus. This build will allow you to instant repair lvl 40 garrisons.

Upgrading the punisher:
Your punisher is good for attacking one or two garrisons. But if you want to be able to use it as an effective fleet, you need to equip better weapons and specials. Here is a list of what you need:

  • Arablest
  • Milenium gun
  • Mauser cannon
  • Particle accelerator cannon
  • Speed system IV
  • Nuclear accelerators
  • CM for missle and mortar(lvl 2 or 3)
  • Seige battery
  • Squal launcher(optional)
    Depending on what you want, you equip the weapons. If you want fast death for one target, use the Millenium gun. Mauser cannon uses splash damage, but it has a slower rate of fire. For the PAC equip 2 per ship. The arablest pierces through walls. I reccomend useing One CM for mort and missle.
    Replace the engine upgrade with the Speed system. For the nuclear accelerator, put it in place of the hardened barrels. The seige battery can go in place of the empty slot.
    With this build, you can easily take on a lower level garrison.

Other uses for the Punisher:

  • Scourge defense grids(they may not be around by the time you read this, however)
  • Cargo/resource grabbing
  • Lower level TLC
  • Legion colonies( this depends on your build)
  • attacking draconian bases(also depends on build)
  • seige tank (Fully equipped with CMs and a missle or launcher. Only uses with citadels or monoliths.)

Conclusion: The punisher is a good starter ship and you should focus on getting it ASAP. This hull will help you in the long run and no new captain should be without it.

Questions on the punisher? Ask below.
Thanks for reading, and I hope you found this helpful!

  • Theoz
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    Whats the build for the new Legion targets then?
  • Flint Hodges
    Flint Hodges
    Minor Nuisance
    Joined May 2018 Posts: 178

    If you were to use it, I would suggest getting the mauser cannon(already stated) and the dual charge armor that blocks ballistic and radioacctive damage(Pool 4, 300,000 points you are going to have to grind for it). The lowest level will be "possible" but you are going to get quite a bit of damage time. The turrent that genrally is a pain is the fire field turrent. They can be countered with CMs, but the fix for the CMs make it so it is harder. Move fast to avoid it. Also, you might want to skull them before going in.

    You can check out the legion colony breakdown article too for more help. A Punisher fleet decked out with the Mauser and all previosly stated equipment should be able to take it on.

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