8.21 Downtime & Release Notes

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The following Changes & Fixes have been applied on the Thursday, May 24th update.

  • [Prophet Boss Base] Malachi has finished the designs for his latest super weapon. He has challenged all commanders to see if they can take out the Prophet. Take them down to win Elite Prophet Parts and Medals.

  • [May Raid Update] New Diamond Tech for the Envoy is now available! Silver and Gold bases have been updated.

  • [Prophet] At the beginning of Shadow Ops: Cult of Brutality, we announced that the Prophet was a ground-only unit. We have made a change that allows the Prophet’s piercing projectile’s splash damage to hit Air units.

  • [New Blitzable Bases]

    • Bastion 30

    • Bastion 50

    • Sentinel Token    

    • Corpus Token  

    • Survivor Token   

    • Sentinel Bonus Token

    • Corpus Bonus Token  

    • Survivor Bonus Token    

    • Ronin Legacy Unique

    • Viper X Legacy Unique

    • Spectre Legacy Unique

    • Titan Legacy Unique

    • BFG X Legacy Unique

    • Widowmaker Legacy Unique

    • Elite Sandstorm Legacy Unique

    • Growler Legacy Unique

    • Inferno Legacy Unique

    • Sarkis Legacy Unique

    • Elite Legion Legacy Unique

    • Elite Hydra Legacy Unique

  • Faction-specific Missions now only progress when using the correct Faction units

  • Fixed an issue where a save error would occur after moving the Siege Squadron from an Air Platoon

  • Fixed an issue where Deena would unstealth before her attack would hit the target

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