Prophet Boss Base Briefing

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Malachi has finished the designs for his latest super weapon. He has challenged all commanders to see if they can take out the Prophet.


The Prophet Boss Base is single-attempt and spawns at 12:00am PST on the following days:

  • Sunday, May 27th

  • Sunday, June 3rd

  • Sunday, June 10th


In order to achieve victory against the Prophet Boss, you must kill The Prophet in the Base.


A successful battle grants Elite Prophet Parts and 25k Medals. You need 40 Elite Parts to upgrade your Prophet to Elite, which increases the power of the Unit.

Please note that the Prophet Boss Base does not grant out any Shadow Ops Points or Components of any kind.


The Prophet Boss fires a powerful but slow charging and a slow-moving projectile at extreme range. The projectile pierces through anything it touches, so use quick units to dodge them. After the Prophet takes a certain amount of damage, it’s railgun weaponry becomes unstable and begins to spew smaller, weaker piercing projectiles that fire at a continuous rate. This secondary attack has a pattern, so learn it and form a strategy to avoid it!

The Prophet’s piercing attacks can damage the surrounding buildings in the base. Try to kite the Prophet around so that the piercing attacks damage the Acolyte and Chaplain-spawning buildings, or you risk being overwhelmed. Your own troops will not be able to destroy the surrounding buildings, so make sure to not get them caught in the Prophet’s devastating attacks.

Finally, use the charge up delay to avoid heavy damage. Caretakers can be a good resource when kiting to protect your lower health units during the secondary attack phase.

Good luck!


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