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    Axel L said:
    CM_Burny to ans your question " Has this change helped with the "69ing" or Ring of Fire "
    i sincerely  hope that after reading previous posts you have realised that 69'ing  & Ring of Fire are two completely different issues and you have really chosen to "fix" the wrong one. 
    Ring of Fire or holding each others toons outside a base is a tactic that if you have a good clan and good sector support can be easily broken.
    But 69'ing where a player gets a friend or an alt to bubble his base whilst he is out hitting another is the problem that really pisses people off.
    Getting a bubble is part and parcel of the game but when its impossible to get a chance to hit back that isnt...
    Good that you are looking at these issues but shows you are getting poor info when you clearly do not understand the difference between the two strategies. 
    Knowing the definition of some of the community made terms in WC aren't always a piece of cake. The 9/19 update in WC addressed the issue of the tactic called the "Ring of Fire" which have received a lot of negative attention on the forums.

    When it comes to tactics like the "Ring of Fire", one of the most common reason why these tactics will be removed is that they are either very exploitative and used by many. You could also define a friendly bubble as a tactic with exactly the same arguments that you used for defining the ring of fire as a tactic.
    this ring of fire (without the hack) kixeye took away from all of us good fair players because of a few cheaters using a macro hack. kixeyes is "exploiting" this to "their" advantage for all to "coin". it is like kixeyes said we can build a castle and we can not build a moat around it to defend. this ring of fire from day one was being used sense the map was created by kixeyes. so tis is the reason why kixeyes i will not support your game nor coin any more.. you lost a paying customer. 

    this is why i posted this , seems like people hates the ring of fire because of the "free jumps"  and the "hit and run then friendly "bubble" tactic, "69". kixeyes is using this (as some say is an exploit),to "their "advantage". another words, a lot of you people complaining, dug your own hole  and now kixeyes is using it to make money on.
  • john_mf
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    Solution in a nutshell - Bring back pay to jump or a 3 day wait after any jump. Limit platoons to one attack, if they fail or hold your for the duration their platoon will return to base. Give players hit by a 69 the option to hit back regardless of the bubble a 69er takes.

    Pay to jump will stop jumping in and out from safe sectors to get a base and run. 

    Platoon fights are used to kill other players platoons and should adhere to that reasoning, so a one attack option is plenty opportunity to kill someones platoon. If you engage an enemy in war and fail you retreat or die simply put.

    So country A decides to hit country B and not expect retaliation??? Thats basically what 69 instills in the game, you can hit someone without retaliation. This does not happen in war. You hit someone then you should be open to a response. Stop infamy hoarders in the game.
  • Jakuho_Raikoben
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    @Cappellino said:
    I just want to say - problems with game loading seem to have been dramatically improved.  Thank you, Kix

    What you smoking cuz the game crashes more than it has previously. Every time they add some stupid cosmetic bs the game gets crappier. Don't forget that them **** offers also create extra lag and loading times.

  • Kar-Graal
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    Axel L said:
      • 54,538 players
    It's also pretty early in the current PvP season which means that everyone hasn't started collecting infamy yet.
    Thats Because We Lost 40k Players By The Time Due to Gameplay Changes
  • KILA_B1200
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    ROF is not an exploit. Its a tactic. self bubbling while they hitting something else is. And no it has not stopped
  • dixon.parker.9
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    last year or may more than kix have special ops as hocker player can put toon to attack base when the ring  in base found that will be great to fix this 
  • RyanWalid
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    Morale is useless .... yes that help about ring of fre but with the morale come in game ppls not doing ring of fire but doing selfy 69 in same time they pop ..... This Morale just make the game more ridiculous ..... only my view 
  • drag0nsun
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    okay just  did a try and it stinks  it can work on keeping the ring of fire down but  its hard to combat people who abuse steath  get 300 to 400 units on a feld and theres no way to detect that 1 unit fix that and we are good for now  
  • Lil__Lightnin
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    I have honestly had enough of the cheaters getting away with all the crap they do, for example , look at leader board,  those players use a cheat , then kixeye thinks , oh this event must be easy so they increase the difficulty of the bases making it harder for the regular players  to play, you have taken all the fun out of the game,  including 20 hrs repair that actually takes 26 hrs to repair while hackers use Ipads to gain free gold to repir instantly,  then you also reduce the dps of maxed toons so they dont cause as much damage  , this is illegal, you advertise something then reduce the dps, its like selling someone a car, but  afer a while you take back the motor and tyres, Kixeye are thieves and allow cheats to prosper within the game, it disgusting

  • Spankz-Yaz
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    and despite all the valid comments on kixeye making a huge error with platoon morale, im more surprised that ppl writing here actually believe glitcheye will listen to us, us being the mere mortals who keep them in profit, who keep them in business. no no no, captain glitcheye has eye on only one thing, more money, theyre not interested in stabalising the game, theyre not interested in a glitch free game, thayre not interested in what the actual players want, there is a real issue with kixeye and their ideas, and their support system, you noticed now tickets go into  a week to 10days before even being read, then closed without reply or answers. i have spent thousands of pounds on this game, and i truly believe that to be a major part of the troubles we see today, because despite the poor standard of the game these days ppl like me continue to spend money, so why would kixeye listen, we are making them believe we are happy, well captain glitcheye, no more money, ill play free from here, ill be a farmer because its clear kixeye works to support the farmers, not the fighters
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    ok r of f i think is more of a skill set than anything it can be broken rather easy now the moral suck for those kill toon around bases and they have invisible in it sometimes endeing and re attacking help  on those to base often time it a base that 7 min across the map and your toon go back because of the morel thing again it sucks 
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