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RUBI has initiated mission protocols designed to help all Commanders advance their agenda in the Sector. Will you answer the call?


The new Mission system will be implemented to the live servers after downtime on Wednesday, May 9th, but it will not be available right away. There are still a few known issues that need to be worked out.

All new Missions only apply to Rogue Faction Bases. This includes Event Bases, and Shadow Ops Bases. This does not apply to defensive waves in Invasion or monthly Events.


In the new Mission system, you have four Mission slots located in the bottom right of your game. This includes 1 Faction Mission Slot, and 3 Standard Mission Slots. When you first login, all four slots will automatically populate with random Missions, such as:

  • Kill 1000 of any unit

  • Kill 100 Riflemen

  • Destroy 10 Command Centers

  • Destroy 1000 Walls

  • Destroy 10 Rogue Faction bases

Some Missions will come with specific requirements as well. For example, “Destroy 25 Liberators using Acolytes.” This means that you will only get progress for Liberators that are killed by Acolytes. Other missions may use the key word ‘Only’. This indicates that you must use that particular unit exclusively. If you deploy any other Units, progress will not be counted from that point. For example, “Destroy 10 Command Centers with Only using Hammers.” This means that if you deploy Hammer tanks and destroy a Command Center, you will receive progress. If you deploy Hammers and then Liberators, you will not receive progress even if you retreat the liberators.

Once you complete a Mission, you can then claim a Prize (currently set to Medals, Thorium, or Units)! After claiming, the Mission in that slot is removed and replaced with a new one within a day.

These new Missions are also dynamic and will show you your progress as you work towards completing them in Rogue Faction Bases. This means that you will now be able to see your four active Missions while you’re battling Rogue Faction Bases. Please note that you cannot make progress on your Missions against PVP Bases, Deposits, or Platoons.

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