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Have you ever wanted to receive a second set of prizes from a base without having to play through it again? Now you can, with Blitz!


  • Metal, Oil, and Thorium bases are now Blitzable

    • Different types of bases will slowly be made eligible over time

    • Blitzable bases will display the following icon overhead on the World Map:

    • Ending an attack on a Blitzable base without beating it will deactivate Blitz on that base and display the following icon:  

  • After a successful attack, an option to Blitz the target will appear on the Victory Screen (if the base is eligible).

    • Blitz targets must be completed in one attack to qualify

  • Blitzing a base allows you to instantly roll another prize for a Gold cost

  • The Gold cost is determined by the amount of damage your Platoons take during the original battle. No additional damage is taken by Blitzing a base.


Below you can find all currently planned items that you can receive from Blitzing:

  • Metal, and Oil

  • Spec-Ops

  • Loot Chests

  • Thorium

  • Medals

These prizes are dependent on which Items are available in specific Blitzable bases.


  • Blitzing is no longer available on a Base after leaving the Victory Screen

  • If you leave a battle and it finishes while you are not inside, Blitzing will not be available

  • If you leave a battle, rejoin, and finish the base, Blitzing will be available on the Victory Screen

  • If you finish a base after having left a previous one, Blitzing will only be available on the Base you have open

  • Gold costs calculated from damage taken do not consider unrepairable units like Single-Use Heroes and Missiles

  • Gold costs have a minimum value determined by the specific base

    • Total Gold cost is dependent on damage taken

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