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The Sector is at war! Clash with the most fearsome Commanders on the World Map in the latest installment of Warpath. Earn Honor, climb the Leaderboard, and lay waste to all that you face. Precious Blood Thorium awaits the champions, do you have what it takes?


This version of Warpath only has one Round!

  • Start - May 11th at 10 am PDT

  • End - May 13th at 10 am PDT


  • During Warpath, players will earn Honor from Player Base engagements. Honor can only be earned while Warpath is active

    • The more Honor you earn, the higher your placement on the Warpath Division Ranks for exclusive rewards.

    • Rewards will be paid out based on the total sum of Honor earned during Warpath

  • Perma Damage Protection: a Damage Protection Bubble will be placed over player Bases during Warpath after you have attacked a player base.

    • Perma Damage Protection prevents you from attacking the same player again.

    • Perma Damage Protection also prevents you from being attacked multiple times by the same player.

    • Perma Damage Protection expires at the end of the round.

  • Regular Protection times have been reduced to 4 hours during Warpath.

  • Repair times and cost for base defenders have been reduced by 50% while Warpath is active.


  • The Warpath Leaderboard tracks all players engaging in PvP. Players are ranked into Divisions from highest to lowest, based off their Honor gained during the Event.

  • There are 5 Warpath Ranking Divisions: Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze

    • Divisional Ranking is based off of players’ Global Leaderboard Rankings

      • To be placed in a Division, a player must meet the Honor Requirements listed below.

      • Each Division Ranking awards Blood Thorium Crystals and Medals.

        • Players Ranked in the highest Divisions, Diamond and Platinum, have access to greater rewards.

      • Rewards are issued after the conclusion of Warpath. Prizes are based off your Honor Rating as shown below


Diamond Trophy

Type: Building

Division: Diamond

Platinum Trophy

Type: Building

Division: Platinum


Honor is the points system used to determine a player’s placement on the Leaderboard.  Like with Infamy, Honor is earned by attacking and winning Player Base Attacks and lost by defending and losing against Player Base Attacks.


  • Honor is earned from PvP engagements in the following ways:

    • Defeating a Player Base Battle with a one-star, two-star, or three-star victory

  • Increased Honor is earned by:

    • Defeating a Player of higher level

    • Defeating a Player with more Honor

    • Defeating a Player and earning more Stars in the battle

  • Honor can only be earned once from each Player Base engagement

    • After a Player Base has been attacked, they will be placed under Perma Damage Protection until the end of Warpath. (See the section on Perma Damage Protection for more details)



  • While Warpath is active, you can only attack a specific player once!

    • After an attack concludes for any reason (including “END ATTACK”), the attacked player will be placed under a Perma Damage Protection, preventing further attacks ONLY from the original attacker until Warpath concludes.

    • Perma Damage Protection expires at the end of Warpath.

  • Perma Damage Protections appear as a pink version of Damage Protection.

  • Any attack attempt will trigger Perma Damage Protection, regardless of the result.

    • Other forms of Damage Protection will still be visible if you have not engaged in an attack with a specific player during the Warpath Event.

    • Regular Protection Bubbles have been reduced to 4 hours during Warpath.



Blood Thorium is earned after Warpath Ends. You can only earn Blood Thorium through PvP.

Open the Blood Market by clicking on the button at the bottom of the Warpath menu window (as shown above). The Blood Market can also be opened by clicking on the Gear Store, and then on the Exchange.

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