8.18 Downtime & Release Notes

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The following Changes & Fixes have been applied on the Wednesday, May 2nd update.

  • [PVP Season 8] Battle against the best of the best in our brand new PVP Season! Win tons of Blood Thorium, Medals, Accolades, and more. Season 8 starts on May 2nd after the scheduled downtime.

  • [Warpath] The next Warpath event was scheduled to begin on May 3rd at 10 am PDT but was delayed. It is now tentatively scheduled to start on Wednesday, May 9th at 11 am PDT.

  • [World Map] The Thorium 75 Base is back on the World Map

  • Spotlights may now appear again in 50+ Thorium Bases

  • [PVP] Season 7 was extended for 30 minutes due to an issue with Infamy

    • Payouts will be based on Individual and Alliance Leaderboards as of April 30th, at 5:30 pm PDT

  • [Power Plants] Changes in Armor are now displayed when upgrading Power Plants

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