PVP Season 8 Briefing

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Battle for bragging rights of the Sector in War Commander’s PVP Season 8!


  • Start Date: May 2nd at 10 am PDT

  • End Date: July 5th at 10 am PDT

There will be weekly payouts of Medals, bases on your current Infamy Division. Additional Medals, Blood Thorium, and Accolades will be awarded to the winners at the end of the Season.

Alliance PVP

Alliances compete in three different classes based on Alliance size.

  • Class A

    • Total Infamy contribution of all members

  • Class B

    • Total Infamy contribution of top 100 members

  • Class C

    • Total Infamy contribution of top 50 members

Your Alliance’s Infamy scores will appear in all three Classes. An Alliance can only receive a single Accolade per season.

Alliance PVP Prizes

End of Season prizes for Alliances are as follows:

The Rank 1-3 Alliance Accolades for Class A, B, and C appear on the Leaderboard and above your Base on the World Map!

Please note that an Alliance can only receive one Accolade per season. If an Alliance places 1st in Class A, B, and C, they will only receive the Accolade from Class A.

Individual PVP Prizes

The weekly Round and Season Prizes for individual players can be found below.

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