Solution Discussion: "Ring of Fire" Exploit

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    Here are the changes needed..

     1. Do away with bubbles completely.  No reason to 69 if bubbles do not exist.

     2. Do away with 1 star, 2 star, 3 star steps on awarding infamy.   In order to get infamy one player needs to do at least 90% damage to the base, anything less is zero infamy.  No more tag teaming to get infamy. 

     3. Make it so if you are offline, no infamy changes hands.  Only time you can gain or lose infamy is an online attack.

     Those three steps would completely do away with the reason/need for 69's.  These changes would also bring some legitimacy back to infamy.  All it is now is hit dead bases and hit each others lower level alt bases, then hide to protect.  These would be rather major changes to the game and I know many will not like them but it will add a bit to the game and make it more interesting.

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    lol sloppy thats really rich coming from you WHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA hacking ****
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    The 69 thing really killed the game..not the same game as it was years ago...
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     this is a really good example of the 69 …. one player hits their buddy while the other attacks ...if Kix could stop what happening in the first pic the game would actually be worth playing aging these pic are taken about 22 sec apart from each other 
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    I am so fed up with 69 its just not true, this is a result of infamy, infamy makes players so scared of a bubble, also the 3 up 3 down system of attacks, thats why we have this crap in the game, bring those back kix, then if you do get hit there will not be such huge losses in inf. Then get rid of the morons that self 69 with a second acc, Then to all the commanders that still play fair maybe we should flood the kix support with screen shots, until something is done, talk is cheap money buys the whiskey.
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    3 days in war, no targets open all doing 69 ... not even saw one single reason to pop myself as no one is reachable, so whats left is to take a friendly 1 star to not give the enemy the honor.. meanwhile the game is boring me to death... collecting reso all day and due all this boring farming losing the motivation to play very fast... 
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    I still don't understand why a lvl 2, 3, 10, whatever, can attack and hold a lvl 45. Maybe a 5 up and 5 down for bases, 10 up and down for toons. Just a thought. 

    Another thought, make it so same tag hits will take infamy, but not gain. So if you hit your own tag, they will lose the infamy (Maybe double) but you will not get any. I'm just spit ballin' ideas really. 
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    Limit of the 3 platoons from a one player at the enemy base could help to fight against 69. It will allow to set at least 2 platoons from another player at the base and attack if base will pop.
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    Alliance lock a member of the same alliance cannot attack another alliance members base. one other thing during pvp event cannot drop tag eliminating the sneaky one 
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    Simple fix for the Ring of Fire problem...  Bring back Special Ops:  Dropships  Simple fix for the 69 problem, make it where you can't re-attack a base unless you damage it at least 25% each time you attack & you can't attack the same base more than 3 times in 24 hours.
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    I like the idea, but what about the self bubbling, many players using other accounts to bubble them main bases while attacking, or calling another freind to attack them and get 1 star... That means a victory for that platoon and it wont sent back to the base with 0 Morale!
    To fight this im suggesting a perma dammage protection for all players being attacked from the same player, i mean if u get attacked by a player he can't attack u back for a limited time like warpath, e.g: if u gt attacked by X player u'll get the actual 36hours for ur base, and 36hrs protection from that X player, if u pop that bubble many will be able to attack u again but that X player!
    Well 36hrs is way too long, but a 12hrs should be a good period to stop that player hitting the same base for a 69..

    This Idea i Like !
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    Kixeye dont give a fck its still happening all over the place , war commander is dead in the water , only guys still playing are new comers , the old timers are quiting , and the coiners are not playing as much , kixeye dont give a fck will all JUST QUIT plain in fcking simple

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    So seeing the 69ing is still going on , thanks for NOTHING KIXEYE , No TP ANd ALLIES use level 2-4 platoons to surrounded they bases that can NOT be attacked, WAR COMMANDER is dead , hacks run the game, pictures , reports, DO NOTHING  , SO LONG THE CHEATER COINS, kixeye allows pay to play ................
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    Another example of the self-bubble/69 tactic. Within seconds after being attacked by TERMINATOR_RI, I look up his base to find that he has been bubbled by a clan member or possibly even his own alt account. Player id: 32224059.
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    Come to 188 , you wanan see this going on with EVERY TP SUSQ PLAYER that comes here, platoons around base that you CAN NOT ENGAGE  but when you try the bubble will be lost , In plain site , nothing being done, been going on for 4 days now,  exploits are being run ramped ,  
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