Thunder birds (T-birds) open for recruiting new members.

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### we are [definitely, one of the best helping clan in War commander] looking for new, energetic and active players.

# our alliance features::
* we help each others do shadow ops, event base, monthly spawned new units base, raid base and so on
* we are mainly English speaking alliance. most of us from U.S, though there are much other regional players here too. 
* no matter which lvl you are, u can join us.
* we are expecting  active, energetic and regular player (doesn't mean have to play everyday) to add in our clan.
* new to game? back game after many many days? need to catch up with current game units? want to grow strong with us?..... we are here to help u out.

# Good to know::
* we are NATO ally so also AAF ally too. 
* our sector also aaf ally. a very co-operative sector. its good place to grow up or upgrade units or catch up things.
* we don't support any kinds of cheating or hack.
* we also don't take any anti-aaf members to overcome difficulties/problems between our friends.

# Contact to join ::
* contact me (Killer_Trozan) in kixeye {pm]:::  
* or, contact leland in facebook ::: 
* or, contact mike in facebook ::: 



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