Legion Colony Breakdown

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Since I seem to have misplaced my original thread for this raid series, I threw together a new one. I tried to add all the information from the original that I could remember off hand, and I will update it as I think of things. I will also get some pictures of the various projectiles and add them when I have a moment. But for now, let's dive right in!

These are Siege targets, so you will want to use Siege class ships to tackle them. The Hydra and Buccaneer are the top two hulls in the Siege line currently and are what these targets are designed for. Charged armor is very helpful as you start to get into the higher level targets, and pretty much mandatory if you want to do the S class targets. Since these are Siege targets, everything in it is turrets, buildings, and a new thing called emitters.

Enemy Turrets:

Fire Archer Turret
 Lightshot screenshot
  • This turret looks like the Hyena Missile.
  • Medium range missile/rocket turret.
  • Fires a multi-shot of missiles/rocket looking projectiles.
  • This appears to be a splash and spread based turret. Meaning it targets where you are, not where you are going. You can outrun the projectiles.
  • The projectiles don't seem to do much damage, but will leave a radioactive field on the water. You don't want to sit in them for too long.
  • Can be countered by "Countermeasure" weapons. This would be your Tridents, Sprints, and Duality.

Shell Launcher Turret

 Lightshot screenshot
  • This turret looks like the Cannibal Wendigo.
  • Long range missile turret.
  • Fires a single, large, slow moving missile.
  • This is an accuracy based turret. Meaning the projectile tracks you, and you cannot outrun it.
  • The projectile does more damage than the Fire Archer turret, and seems to be radioactive. Similarly it leaves a fire field on the water when it lands. It also seems that the fire fields this turret leaves have a large burst of damage when the field expires. It can be avoided pretty easily by getting out of the field before it expires.
  • Can be countered by "Anti-Penetrating" weapons. This would be your Phalanx and Switchblades.

Legion Cannon Turret

  • This turret looks like the Emancipator.
  • Basically a long range ballistic cannon.
  • Fires a single, fast moving, blue projectile.
  • Seems to deal splash damage of both ballistic and radioactive.
  • This turret seems to hurt the most, or causes the bulk of the damage I am seeing. Especially once it gets buffed by an emitter or two.
  • It also features a slow effect.

Legion Blunderbuss

  • This turret looks like the Blunderbuss.
  • This is a short range obliteration cannon. You can out range it in any target pretty easily. Some targets have less wiggle room than others.
  • Fires a high volume of fast moving, ballistic projectiles.
  • Was your fleet just there and now it is dead? Well you probably wandered into range of one of these suckers. It wastes no time decimating your entire fleet with large amounts of damage and very fast reloads. If you see anything at all it will look like a yellow flash, followed by your fleets going to Davy Jones' Locker.


This is a new element to the game. At the moment there are three types of emitters that are deployed around the map via untargetable drones. Emitters are essentially deploy-able tactical installations that have varying effects.

Emitter Drone Bay & Drone

  • The building acts as a HUB for drones. They deploy from and return to these buildings. Destroy the building, destroy the drones, prevent further emitters from being placed.
  • Each drone seems to have a set number of emitters that it will deploy and follows the same route each time.
  • You cannot target the drones directly, but they can be killed with splash by targeting something near where they are hovering.
  • Once you destroy the HUB the drone that originated from it will also be destroyed.

Damage Boost Emitter

  • These project a field increasing the damage of enemy turrets in the target.
  • Basically it acts as a Fire Support installation.
  • If you find a cluster of turrets with more than one of these nearby it is probably a good idea to pinch the turrets. Especially the Legion Cannon Turrets. They will be exceeding the charged armor reduction by quite a bit.

Defensive Boost Emitter

  • These project a field increasing the defenses of enemy buildings.
  • Basically it acts like the Fortified Defenses installation.

Burn Emitter

  • These project a damaging radioactive field.
  • If you are careful you can destroy the emitter without entering the damage field.

Enemy Buildings:

Intelligence Lab
Lightshot screenshot
  • Emits a map wide slow field/aura.
  • Can be mitigated with field resistance.


Bad Clouds

  • These are the same thing we saw during the Assault and Skirmish cycles.
  • The clouds do not move and are visible the entire fight. There are some targets that have pop up clouds.
  • They are an area of effect damage. STAY OUT OF THEM!!! Or do your best to stay out of them
    • Looks to be mostly radioactive damage. 
    • Charged Armor can help reduce the effect of the clouds. It eats through pretty quickly, so I still would not recommend lingering in the clouds. But it does help increase your maneuvering room if needed.
  • And if it was not clear enough by the last point.... STAY OUT OF THEM IF AT ALL POSSIBLE!!!
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