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Can we get a fix to the Base Planner so that it's appropriately sized for player needs?

In the Zoom-Out view, the map area is so big that the base area is too small to be of much use. It's adequate for seeing the overall placement of tiles and such, but things are too tiny for it to be useful for moving things. 

The Zoom-Out view needs to be the same as what we see during a base attack -- this is the reason we plan our bases, to try and come up with strategic placement for our assets to maximize protection during an attack -- we need to see the area that will be in play during that attack nothing more. Making the map too big -- monstrously too big in this case -- isn't helpful to players. 

I've wondered why the Base Planner has such a non-useful design (from a player point of view) and I think I've got a good guess -- the Base Player is derived from the Scenario Editor used by the Game Designers. Makes sense -- the Zoom-Out view shows a battle map that roughly matches most of our event scenarios. And using the Scenario Editor as the template for creating a Base Planner for the players makes sense. Base Planning and Scenario Editing are related activities, it'd be efficient to use the same code base. 

But also lazy. We're trying to do Base Planning, not creating Battle Scenarios and we do not need the huge map size shown in Zoom-Out mode. To better serve your customers, give us a Base Planner where the Zoom-Out view is appropriate for what we're doing. 
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    Base planner used to make me wish people to the corn field.
    Now the right combination of browser zoom & game zoom get base planner to where I only hate it.
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