The Forgotten (Narration)

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The Forgotten...

Those who were left behind and lost to the void, Whether at the hands of VEGA, The Guns of Elitist Rebels or the inescapable reach of the Aliens, The forgotten were once the lower parts of the Rebellion, Consisting of what some considered "The Other side of the fence".

From many different alliances these bases grew under the shadow of the First Rebellion, They were generally regarded as grunts for fighting off the weaker fleets of VEGA, ordered into combat and generally unprepared for the rebellion's attacks on their bases. These rebels became Forgotten. 


Not all of space was black and white, The Rebels and VEGA in some sectors would cooperate, Often being pitted against one another, Even a few reports of VSEC fleets letting rebels go because they didn't have it in them to fight one another, Some in VEGA still cared for their fellow man, while some rebels wanted nothing more than peace.

VEGA's Higher leadership, The High council, and the Elitist Factions of the Rebels, Could not permit this, and begun exterminating half breeds between VEGA and Rebel bloodlines. A high ranking VSEC Commander was not like his fellow ilk, when it was found that he was covering for a Planet known as the Haven. A place where Half breeds were common.

Unlike other regions where VEGA and Rebel Tensions were heated, this area of space was one of the few places untouched by the majority of the conflict, allowing it to become a peaceful environment between all sides. Allowing for Half breeds between VEGA and Rebel blood to take place.
These VSEC in the area became accustomed to the place, not wishing to damage an obviously peaceful people.

However it would come to be that a charismatic leader known as Solaris united these weaker forces against their stronger enemies, Bringing with her vision and hope for those who had come under the boot of multiple oppressors, She professed, in similar fashion of the rebels, that they were under a boot of tyrannical Sovereignty, not VEGA, but by a new Enemy, their own Trusted leaders!

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Many VSEC under This commander's charge became disheartened at the High Council's orders of genocide, and so begun an exodus to "Carry Out" These orders. while secretly relocating to the Forgotten Home region. The incompetence of VEGA had shown as bright as the sun that day. As the VSEC Fleet broke away from VEGA's influence, The official report? That Aliens had attacked and destroyed the fleet. while in reality they had been evacuating these people. with that in mind, they had left for their new home. The Ex VSEC fleets becoming the first Military forces of the Forgotten. 

"When we first joined under Commander Leisis, we sought to bring order and justice to the stars, To keep from, Our superiors have made us break this oath, and in doing so, we must break away to form a more prefect state of being, We have been ordered to commit genocide against you, but instead we offer you salvation, our long time trusted friends.

We must go now, before more VSEC that are less understanding of you show up, let us make haste, and run from this stale conflict."

Their hidden home within a Red Dwarf cluster known as The Sanctuary, housing forgotten from all walks of life, Including former members of  VEGA, Rebels who fled, and eventually the scattered forces of the Iron Star Company.

The area was  harsh, Bathed with high Temperatures from violent solar activity, and, the place was at first, rough. But adaptation as well as genetic modification to their environment made the Forgotten able to thrive in these areas.

These forces merged as one under a new banner to build a new life, The Forgotten was a new power, forged from the Wreckage of death and Decay, to become a powerful force to become reckoned with. Forged from death, genocide, and hostile environments, it made them strong in the same way VEGA strengthened them originally as the First Rebellion.

This became the main distinction of two types of Forgotten, The Forgotten who have rebuilt in this uncharted Sanctuary, and those who remain in the sectors we know today. These Forgotten were "surface Agents" who conveyed their operations within the full light of space.

The Elitists thought they had won in this quick war against the Forgotten in this Area completely annihilating them from the area with thier more advanced weaponry., Or so they thought. Planting the seeds for a new force to grow, the remaining forgotten were desperate to escape the incoming fleet of XENO division warships.

But in what seemed to be the last few minutes of their lives, came hope. The Leadership of the Forgotten broadcasted their hidden location to them, allowing for a short while a Red unstable wormhole to open up and have their bases and ships warp into a series of giant forgotten sectors located within a Red Dwarf cluster in uncharted space, Safe from all threats where no one would be able to find them.

Arming them with countless new weapons they had made within their travels to become a major power in the VEGA Conflict.

Behemoth Destroyer    Mauler Battleship     Chimera Cutter           Wyvern Frigate 

Bloodmoon Cruiser       Leviathan Carrier         
   httpsvignettewikianocookienetcncimagesbbcCNC4_Leviathan_Renderpngrevisionlatestscale-to-width-down250cb20100426125750< (Best Carrier Model out there, Kane lives in death)
Deep within their home, the Forgotten worked on marvelous works of advanced technology within the fields of Blood Amber, Unlocking much of it's potential, as well as breakthroughs with alien research within Concealed Blacksites in isolated regions Deep in space, one of their most prized accomplishments was the creation of their own Flagship, The Harpoon flagship. Which has the same capabilities as a Javelin. It's key difference was that it contained the necessary warp drive for accessing the special Sanctuary Red Dwarf Cluster they had set their home in.

The Forgotten Engineered their own class of ships with Crystalline engines constructed from Blood Ember, Since blood ember is actually Crystallized blood, the method of Reproducing with synthetics proved to supply them with an unlimited amount of Synthetic Blood Ember, which provided their needs to construct their own special Classes of ships, as well as weapons and tech.

They were also capable of reverse engineering other faction's vessels, being able to replicate the blood raven, and similar works on other ships. These emberized Ships had a specific edge over their enemy counterparts.

The Headquarters known as The Emberium became the central Hub of Forgotten activity, a giant city built within a massive platform at the largest Red Dwarf star, This platform became the Place of the Central leadership. A Senate of sorts within this dark empire. Headed by the mystical leader Solaris, it turned out she was the one who was working close with Dage on the A.X.I.S project, and possibly even corrupted Sybil to be behind the AXIS betrayal in spiteful revenge.


Deep within the core was a large Ember Core that served as a Giant Computer, it was a network of sorts that was light years ahead what any rebel would imagine was possible, This Computer hosted A neurological network that through implants of these crystals, was used to share their thoughts and feelings to one another, A network that connected the Forgotten as one.

"Even when everyone turns their back on you, forgotten you, we will always have each other."

This connection enabled them to vastly outsmart their enemies, Sharing battleplans, formations, and orders instantaneously, making attempts to crush the forgotten nearly impossible, aside from their unbreakable will to never betray their own, even in the threat of Death. This connect  their
network would of made them known for being a traitor to their people, and Treachery is not looked upon well in the Forgotten.

They plan to go on a path of revenge against VEGA and their elitist oppressors it seems. However many Forgotten are content with staying in their Sanctuary and dedicate their time to expanding their research. It is certain that this faction has many splinter cells and differing views on they should act as a whole.

The forgotten await in their Sector for any major Movements as of late, they are At war with the Rebellion, And things are uncertain between both sides, with Their advanced Emberization, And the Ships they have in their Control of any Faction they wish, the Forgotten are definitely not a force To be toyed with.

Ships by Angryfly.
Artwork by Kixeye
Forgotten Space backgrounds originally by Tony Drew, Modified by me.
And Custom art/edited artwork by Me.

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